Will an Elbow Sleeve Help My Elbow?



I don’t have the name in english, i would like protect my elbow when i training, i get some problem before in my right elbow, now is ok, but when i training or work i prefere to make them safe and protect also the leg with the same thing, to also keep them warm.

So i would like ur advice, that will make my articulation weak if i use them often ? or is ok,

thank !

Will help a little - getting warmed up etc.
But if you have elbow issue it will not go away -you to need work on the core issue …work on tissue quality/ stretch triceps/change tchnique/exercise selection etc etc

I like knee sleeves a lot; elbow sleeves seem like the same concept. I would stick to neoprene for either.

There is also a balm called capsaicin that really helps and has some data to suggest efficacy in arthritis treatment. It’s a topical ointment and burns like crazy - use just a tiny bit and don’t get it anywhere near your face.

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I know your English isn’t great, but if you tell us more about your pain it will help.
-What part of your elbow hurts? (pictures of you pointing to it might help)
-Is it a muscle or the actual joint? (maybe you’re not sure)
-What makes it hurt? All training? Just some specific moves?
-Is there anything in particular that makes it feel better or worse?

I train climbers so I have a small amount of knowledge with certain kinds of elbow pain, especially since I’ve personally dealt with it. If you’re able to say more, I can at least point you in the right direciton.

This is called an elbow sleeve. I wear these frequently when I squat, bench, or press. It doesn’t hurt to do it. Even in competition, I’ll do my warmups all in sleeves and take them off for competition, and I squat in elbow sleeves since it’s allowed.

You can also use a compression cuff. Ive heard people like these better: https://www.liftinglarge.com/Sling-shot-Compression-Cuff-Upper-Body
I’ve never used them before, but I plan on buying some for my elbows

A chiropractor in my area made this post talking about how sore elbows could come from instability in the shoulders/rotational weakness:
Check out some of these warmups and they may help.

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Yes i think i will buy sleeves leg and elbow for work and gym, i had just some fear that if i use all of the time my articulation and so on start to be weak.
But somethime i have hard work, and i will use also use for that.

Now my elbow is good i will try to explain you.

3 week before i get some good holidays, i didnt go to the gym, so…
One day i just do some dips push up and so on without warm up… i also swimming and make some stupide little jump and bangs my elbow on the water.

After 2 day, in the night i can’t open my right arms but after one day my elbow start to be good i can open more but not completely. And after 2/4 day everythings was good.
The symptom was " red eblow, inflate, and no able to open completely my arm"

Just i want to be safe now, i have like some " ghost pain" fear about that happen again ^^
so i prefere to be sure, i will never training again without warm up, it is funny because in this moment my brain say " warm before " i was like " no is ok, it is just some few dips and pull up "… aha

i will buy some collagene also or glycine i will check, and eat more vegetable, i need eat so much, that is also a big mistake for sure, but still collagene i heard a lot of good think about that or glycine maybe

Usualy i don’t lock my elbow when i training, but this day iam sure a lock a lot for dips, for time that happen to me, even i don’t training triceps and biceps for a time ( isolation)

thank for ur help

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Collagen is good. I take vanilla collagen with tea, and some vitamin C before bed. Mango, kiwi, or orange usually.

Is there a reason for doing so? Maybe you meant knee sleeve?

I wear elbow sleeves on squat, I typically train/warmup with knee sleeves, and compete in wraps.

My elbows get pretty sore from squatting more than they do from benching, so I do it to keep safe before I roll into bench attempts. I basically use SSB and duffalo in off season, mostly for preventative care.

In USPA, you can use elbow sleeves within the approved gear lists for squat and deadlift.

For some reason I was thinking you were wearing elbow sleeves on your knees. I get what you are saying now.

I use the giant camber bar and buffalo (we need a duffalo) for the same reasons. Buffalo comes in about 12 weeks out if I am competing, and the squat bar finally comes in at about 6 weeks out. Other than that it is giant camber bar for me.

what is buffalo duffalo or ssb or uspa Oo aha new words for me

Buffalo and Duffalo are bars that are curved. One of the reasons people use these bars is because they have lower flexibility demands than a straight bar. Here is a picture of the Duffalo (pretty much just a Buffalo with more curve in it).


SSB is a safety squat bar.


They are also easier on the shoulders and elbows. The handles are optional, in the case of failing a squat, you can take your hands off of the handles and push on your knees to self spot. I think that is how it got the name safety squat bar. I sometimes use it, while holding onto the rack uprights to balance myself and use more weight.

USPA is united states powerlifting association.

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