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Will Alcohol Stop Progress?


I was wondering if drinking alcohol while weight training will stop progress or effect muscle gains in size.


It could lead to some interesting squat sessions....


it will not stop progress, as long as you still get proper diet, rest, and push yourself in the weight room. Thats assuming you mean get drunk a 1-2 times a week or have a few beers some nights. If you get hammered every night, yeah it will probably have noticeable effects.

Everything in moderation. If you are cutting for a contest its not a good idea. If your just some guy looking to be big and strong its not the end of the world to drink in moderation.


Strictly speaking, yes.

Progress in either direction (either muscle building or fat burning) will stop as the body shifts into detox mode and metabolizing that EtOH becomes the top-priority.

And once that's done, (refrain: everything in moderation) the body will get back to whatever you had planned for it.


I did some squatting the other weekend while drunk. Worked up to 365 atg I think. A lot harder than usual.


Just find a sturdy bench to put your drink on. you should be fine.


i found this article, www.charlespoliquin.com/Blog/tabid/130/EntryId/1123/Tip-326- Avoid-Drinking-Alcohol-After-Hard-Workouts.aspx