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Will Adding Proviron to My TRT Protocol "Reset" My Levels?

I’m adding Proviron 25mg for a couple weeks and then coming off, will adding Proviron then coming off “reset” my TRT protocol, meaning will I need to run my regular TRT dose for 6 weeks again in order for my levels to stabilize when I get off of it?

Just speaking theoretically, when your T source is external, being TRT which you would, presumably, continue throughout the Proviron 6 week 'cycle, then adding proviron wouldn’t reduce your underlying T level like it would to someone not on TRT. Once you stop taking Proviron and its effects wear off, you should be back where you where just before Proviron almost immediately, allowing for some time for the Proviron to metabolise and its effects to wear off.

You wouldnt need to wait for 6 weeks for your T levels to ‘recover’ because they are coming externally.