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Will AAS Square Jaw Up?

Will aas make jaw bigger if so what compounds?

Just get surgery.

I am getting injections for Christmas but what about test will it affect jaw size?

DHT derivatives are known to have virulization effects. Anavar, Winstrol, et al.

Don’t these have to be taken for extended periods of time though? Longer than what most run for a standard and “normal” cycle?
Or can prolonged periodical use (6wk cycle 2-3 times a year) have a similar affect?

I always thought it was mostly HGH that had that effect. Just more an assumption on my part.

Simple answer is no. As far as I know the squaring of the jaw induced by AAS use is a myth promoted by the media. There is no medical evidence suggesting the possibility of reshaping fully developed bones through hormone therapy.
On the other hand, jaw development is determined by a multitude of factors, but I would assume that the overall shape will be predetermined by genetics. Hormones only allow the jaw to achieve the final shape it is destined to take according to one’s genetic makeup. It would also be interesting to note that bone and muscle tissue growth is driven by many hormones including Testosterone and GH. So bottom line is you are what your genetics make you, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not to get jaw implants.
As far as masculinization side effects caused by DHT derivatives, the squaring of the jawline is not one of them even though it is considered by most to be a sign of virilization.

The simple answer is unfortunately an incomplete answer. Skeletal remodeling is a constant process. It happens at a faster rate among smaller bones that undergo more strain, which makes sense. Your jaw is small and is under outsized strain throughout the day.

Bone remodeling is impacted by many factors, including as you mentioned genetics. But androgens play a big part. So one could surmise that using a very androgenic drug, off and on over the course of years, would have some effect on the jawline.

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Another will aas square my jaw post face palm

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Hmmm, you made an interesting point, while I agree that bone remodeling is a constant process (otherwise we wouldn’t be able to heal broken bones) I doubt that noticeable changes to the bone structure will ever occur.

In a nutshell, old bone tissue is replaced by new tissue constantly and this process can be accelerated according to certain factors but there is no evidence that this process alone can reshape our skeletal structure.

There is a reason why people stop growing at a certain age, but a clinical procedure called limb lengthening surgery does allow patients to grow a couple more inches by breaking the femur and the tibia and keeping the fracture slightly open to promote bone tissue growth at the fracture site thus elongating the patients legs.

I imagine that this procedure can be applied to the mandible but it would be very difficult to do in practice.

I maintain nonetheless my doubts on the possibility of reshaping the jawline through steroid use, at best the effects won’t be noticeable if any so my answer to the question would still be no until further evidence is provided by some medical study.

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What about Tom Platz and kai Greene?

Following the same logic, what about Frank Zane, Jay Cutler etc … ?

Looking back at their photos, I didn’t notice any change in the shape of their jawlines before and after steroid use. Tom Platz and Kai Greene would’ve had the same jawline with or without steroids, suggesting that their jawline is impressive due to their use of steroids is a fallacy.

I have a STEM background so in order to convince me otherwise I would have to see proof of at least some correlation between the shape of the jawline and AAS use. To this date their is none, so you could volunteer and be the guinea pig …

take yearly measurement of the thickness of your jaw and document the changes (if any) that occur while keeping a detailed record of your steroid use (compounds, doses and dates of administration) I would love to see the results 10 years from now, remind us in this thread in 2030
see ya then!

Look at kai Greene when he was 17 and look at him now jaw is literally triple the size same thing with Tom Platz!

Seems to me he had a wide jawline from a very young age, didn’t check on Kai Greene but my initial position still holds : no evidence.

However if you’re going on gear regardless then wait and see for yourself what happens after a couple of years

Yah bro he was on gear in both those pic image
This is probably the last photo of him natural on the left! Look at how much his jaw grew between those photos cmon bro you really think he was squatting 600 pounds at 18 look how much his jaw grew after 17 never in my life have I seen a mans jaw grow significantly between 17 and 18!

Keep in mind that long term steroid use also grows muscles—which is the whole point—and you have a ton of muscles in your face. So it’s entirely possible that the jawline itself looks more defined but it’s due to muscular changes rather than bone growth.

It’s an interesting topic and I honestly don’t know what the right answer really is. I think the truth is closer to what @themathchemist has said. That’s what the medical literature says is true. Maybe there’s something else there—bone remodeling, as I suggested—but it’s a maybe rather than a definitely.


Personally I wouldn’t resort to facial surgery to appear to be more masculine but that’s me.

Research “looks maxing” there is entire forums that would probably appeal you, there is tons techniques to become better looking. If you want to appear to have a squarer jaw I think you need to, increase jaw muscle size, increase neck & trap muscle size. Doing that right there makes a world of a difference, I don’t care how big or defined your jaw is if you got a pencil neck your gonna look like a dweeb. You need a nice thick muscular neck to compliment the geometry of your jaw! Also you need become leaner so your cheeks become more hollow to expose the jaw muscles more (same concept of losing body fat so that your 6 pack comes in).

The method I suggest is not going to be the easy route, but in order to become more masculine you need to lift consistently to see serious results, whether your taking AAS or not! Id rather earn a real genuine masculine look through hard work and training rather than taking the short cut and getting some implants in my face.

So long story id rather actually be more masculine rather than to just appear to be more masculine. I hope you understand what I’m saying. Besides, what if the implants/injections aren’t a success? Or down the road something goes wrong with the injections?

It’s garenteed if you train hard, eat & sleep right, your body composition will change AAS or no AAS!

So first off, throw out any crap in your diet. Soda, candy or any sugar or trash. Stop watching porn & masturbaiting if you do, it makes you less masculine and besides it’s a sin (look up “nofap”)

Start drinking water only & eating clean meals. (veggies, fruit, meat and get some good sleep plus intense weight training and some good cardio sessions)

Personally I believe you’ll raise your natural free testosterone alone without AAS just by eating clean, sleeping good and training with intensity. Dont drink to much or smoke at all as well. No masturbating (seriously I’m not joking dude)

AAS is a life style and to take it purely just to enhance the look of your jaw may not be the best decision.

Train, train, and train, eat clean and sleep you will see changes in yourself physically.

No! I have a shitty jawline, and i have rin up to a gram of combined test and mast for a very brief period of time. How pronounced your jaw is depends on your genetics, bodyfat and amount of subq water.

However, lots of athletes and bb’ers on steroids do have strong jawlines. It is genetics of course. My theory is that men who have better genetics also were exposed to more testosterone in the womb which caused more pronounced male sexual characteristics. And of course that elite athletes are always going to be those with best genetics, steroids or not.

I can see it around here. People with strong jawlines are stronger, more athletic and more masculine naturally. They all for some reason have their ring finger much longer than their index finger. Also goes along with the theory of exposure to testosterone in the womb.
I am yet to see someone with shitty recessed jawline that is strong and aesthetic naturally.
You know, big eyes, recessed jaw, portruding front teeth. Terrible.

“Remove steroids from all sports from everyone at once, and a champion will stay a champion.”

Edit: i agree with the person above about masturbation. While i dont believe it is a sin, it certainly does makes you mellow. Think about it. You just had “sex”. There is no point in being aggressive and trying to find a mate anymore.

i actually remember reading about native americans having sex but refraining from ejaculating, to keep their energy.

I used to hate wet dreams. Felling like sh1t the next day.

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I agree it’s obvious genetics play a large role but he didn’t pick his parents. So the next best thing is to work with what he’s got and that being said there is things he can do to seriously improve his jaw line & masculinity without surgery or getting jaw injections. It will take dedication to improve his weak areas…

Also strange you say that, my ring finger on both hands are much longer than my index. Thought that was normal and everyone has that, maybe not? Lol

My index is longer than ring finger and i have naturally low testosterone and was relatively unathketic as a kid. All of the kids who were athletic had ring fingers longer.

But now that i have used steroids it is different, maybe the same rukes dont apply anymore, as i have “cheated” my predisposition to low testosterone.

the only thing he can do for his jawline is to drop bodyfat and subQ water.
And build up his neck to create illusion of masculinity.

That’s interesting, good to hear you improved the quality of your life with AAS.

Also you cannot deny, guys with big necks and thick traps look like total f***ing animals! If you got a small neck and traps your gonna look less masculine and more so feminine.