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Will a Cycle Help?

First post🤙
Need advice:
19yo Been training 4 years

Was training heavy last year and while doing weighted dips I damaged a rib joint and my sc clavical joint
both now unstable due to
(cartilage/ligament damage)

Ive Tried Nsaids, physio , stretches, resting,
18 months no improvement
I have arthritis which could be reason of slow healing joints.

Been advised by few lads at gym to run a cycle to help promote joint healing etc is there a chance that would work?
If so how should I go about it as ive never ran one before and what cycle.
Any help appreciated.

Testosterone and certain types of steroids greatly reduce the time for recovery, but it sounds like you have a fairly significant injury given the length of time you have been injured.

Most people on this forum would recommend against you running a cycle at your age for gains, and I’m guessing the consensus would be the same to deal with an injury. You need to see a good orthopedist.

Thanks for your reply
I have seen 4 doctors about these injurys
And have all said there’s nothing more than letting them try heal on there own with a good Anti flamatory and rest, but nothing yet even after this long so I’m at a point where anything that may help can be better than nothing.

Im in the UK btw not sure if there’s alternative treatments for this elsewhere.

Look into BPC-157. Do some research and see if it sounds like something worth exploring. I’m not familiar enough with your injuries to make any kind of helpful observation, but I will say that 1. rest should have helped, and 2. the fact that it’s been 18mo is somewhat concerning.

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