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Will 7 Keto Raise DHEA Sulfate Levels?


Will taking 7-keto instead of regular DHEA still raise DHEA sulfate levels.

I ask because I have read 7-keto doesnt affect the liver where as DHEA does affect the liver.


"""Individuals with existing liver disease (such as viral hepatitis or cirrhosis) might consider taking DHEA sublingually (under your tongue) or using a topical DHEA cream to reduce the amount of DHEA entering the liver. DHEA is converted by the liver into DHEA-s (dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate). Those with liver disease should carefully monitor liver enzyme levels to make sure that DHEA therapy is not making liver disease worse."""

If you have liver disease, your liver will also be dealing with your natural levels of testosterone, DHT, DHEA and estrogens. If your liver is normal, restoring T or DHEA to youthful levels will be business as usual for the liver. I don't think that there is any reason for concern for those with a healthy liver. If your liver is fucked up, then you have a lot of other major issues to deal with.

7-keto will not enter the pathways that create 'sex' steroid hormones - T, DHT, E1, E2, E3 from intermediates Androstenedione and Androstenediol


Can i ask what pathways does 7 keto take?? is there any benefit in using 7 keto, maybe for those who seem to have low dhea but when supplementing with regular dhea it just aromatizes to E2??