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Will 500mg of Test C Every 3wks Shut Down Natural Production?

So I am just trying to understand this. My doc gives me 500mg of Test C every 3 weeks. I know this isn’t an ideal protocol but I haven’t had any luck finding a new doc my insurance covers. I have been on it over a year.

My levels were around 300 before starting TRT.

So what is likely happening with my natural production? I am guessing it shuts down right after I get the shot then tries to start back up after 8-10 days as the cyp wears off? Should I ask for clomid or something?

Agreed, that sucks. If you self inject I would correct that. If you have to go in for the doctor to do it then that sucks.

You guessed right that is shuts down but it is not starting back up after 8-10 days. Test Cyp has a half life of approximately eight days. In typically with drugs it takes five half lifes for something to be considered out of ones system (even though the drug will likely no longer be efficacious prior to this point).

What is the concern with natural production? If you are trying to have children I think most here would recommend HcG. If the concern is using clomid to offset the crappy protocol, I would ask about self injecting. Also Clomid can have side effects from what I read on here.

Have you asked doc for what you want?

  • self-inject 50mg subq T cyp/eth twice a week with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes
  • 0.5mg anastrozole at time of T injections adjusting to be near E2=22pg/ml
  • 250iu hCG subq EOD to preserve testes and fertility

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This is not right man, 500mg is a great amount. It can shut you down or not, it depends on your genetics… but this 500mg every 3 weeks is super strange. Its like you get ON and OFF every 3 weeks… all the sides, your mind and body’ll be affected… but think, every 3 weeks you’ll feel it, thats sucks…

Do the same amount with more injections… like this:
I’d do 2 injections of 83mg (about 83, I just divided 500/ 6) per week… on Monday and Thursday. The final count is around 500 in 3 weeks… got it? This is super better than this strange thing your doc precribed to you.

And to finish with a golden key, use anastrozole and HCG just like KSman said. Forget this subq thing with steroids, they are designed to be injected deep intramuscular. You can inject anywhere you want, subq, even in your hand steroids can be absorbed!!! BUT they are designed to be injected intramuscular! don’t do this subq thing, I did it, it’s dung thing.

Good morning all, thanks for the input and sorry for the slow reply.

I go into the office for the injections, and yes I have asked to inject myself at home and doc says no. However, the upside is because he is a urologist, I only pay my $25 copay and insurance covers the visit, injection and all my blood work even though TRT is not covered. So I am not sure how he bills it. If I go elsewhere and they bill it as TRT, my insurance won’t pay anything at all, even blood work.

But I know I need to find a new doctor. This one is an idiot.

I posted more backstory in a previous thread where I experimented with adding some deca and nano: 46 Y/O Low T Cypionate, Deca and EQ Stack Opinions

I asked about the clomid because I don’t want my nuts to shrink and I am interested in controlling estrogen. I had a vasectomy so no more kiddies for me!

I do have access to some Test C, been thinking about self injecting to supplement what doc is doing. If I were to do that, what would you all suggest adding in? Maybe another 250mg at mid point between doc visits, right around the half life of docs shot? I am not necessarily looking to go anabolic, I just want to feel good.

Thanks again for the help.

Agree on the need for a new doctor and good luck there. As for adding 250mg at mid point, you will still have the peaks and valleys as well as conversion from Test to E. So its not ideal at all, best bet is finding a smart doctor which admittedly is no easy task.

Are you feeling any better than before starting TRT? With this protocol and with no estrogen control I dont see how you could be feeling better? I agree with everyone here that you need to find a new doctor. Paying out of pocket, atleast for me has not been too bad. Comes out to about $1000 per year for test cyp, hcg, anastrozole, bloodwork, needles, alcohol pads etc. Not sure where you are located though…

I do feel much better, but the decline from week one to week three is noticable.

I would be happy at $1000 per year. Last place I talked to wanted $375 for consult and blood work then about $100/mo for meds and a $125 office visit every 4 months. I am in Houston.

ok I was a little off…i guess it’s more like $1500 :frowning:

My protocol:

100mg test weekly
250u HCG EOD
1mg anastrozole per week

200mg/ml 10ML bottle Test cyp is $55 from costco (20wk supply per bottle) = $150/yr
5000 HCG is $65 per bottle from compounding pharmacy, lasts me 40 days each bottle = $600/year
10 wk supply anastrozole is $13 from costco = $70

That’s $820 in meds.

Doctor visits for me are $25, maybe need 4-6 per year, that’s $150. Brings it up to $970.

I get labs done at privatemdlabs.com. If i want to see CBC, CMP, TT, FT and E2 it’s going to cost $100. If I want the same thing but without FT, it’s $60. So I guess about $400-$500 in blood work. Another $100 for needles and alcohol pads, sharps containers etc. Total around $1500/yr and comes out to about $125-$150/mo.

Priority should be finding a new doctor. Try a small clinic, it worked for me. The important part is that you have been prescribed testosterone already. It’ll be easier to find another doctor to keep prescribing it to you.

Ok, thanks everyone for the encouragement - I found a new doc and went today. I get my labs back next week, I’ll post results in a new thread.