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Will 5/3/1 Forever Come to Kindle?

Hey, anyone want to chime in? I really can’t wait to get my hands on this book. However, for me shipping is $50-60. I’d buy this day one on Kindle. Any insights?

Kindle version is planned in a few months if memory serves.
I had to pay high shipping too, managed to make sense of it by buying the book, a shirt and a hoodie - shipping went from about 55$ to 60$. Makes it easier to swallow, shirt and hoodie are good quality too

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Appreciate the replies. I’ll look into the shirts, not a bad idea. Dunno about the hoodie, Thailand is a million degrees :blush:

I looked on amazon today and you can buy 5/3/1 and beyond 5/3/1 for about 10 bucks each

Aircon in gym;Hoodie is good.

Yes, shipping costs suck. If you want it that badly You can have it sent to a US address mail service and have them ship it cheaper.

That’s true. I can wait for it to come out on Kindle. I’m not dying. I’m just really curious about the new programs I keep hearing about and the 7th week protocol. It won’t kill me to wait I guess

the 7th week has been posted mak mak.

That’s what I’ve been told. I cannot find it. I get this a lot, and always the answer is the same. Yet no one wants to share with the class. Care to throw a dog a bone?

i replied to your 7th Week Protocol topic weeks ago. The journey and answers u seek are in my reply

read this.

You were on the right track with your older thread about 7th week protocol.
Without going into details, you can use it as a proper deload, as a TM test or to set a reps PR (this last one is used very rarely in just a few specific programs).
The original 5/3/1 deload protocol has nothing wrong, the 7th week protocol is a bit different but the point is always the same - give your body some rest while doing enough to stay active.
The TM test is, as name suggests, a test to see if the TM you’re using/about to use is correct, you simply work up to your TM and hit the number of reps you want to hit for the % you need. As usual, you have to do solid smooth reps and again, it’s nothing new, it’s the method Jim suggested since the original 5/3/1 to find your TMs on all the main lifts.

In both cases, you obviously have to reduce the amount of secondary work, it has to be a lighter week. Forever explains when to use deload and when to use TM test - if you look around in the latest threads you can probably understand by yourself when to use what.

Hey man thanks for the reply. That clears some things up for me. Although of you don’t mind I have a follow up question.

I’m not following what you are looking for. I get to work up to my TM for the next cycle. So am I just doing a feeler set to see of its OK? For instance being able to hit a solid triple? Or is there a specific range to judge how accurate my TM will be next cycle. I’m sure it’s simpler and I’m over complicating

Well (again, this has been stated since the original 5/3/1 so I don’t think it’s some kind of secret content), as a rule of thumb 5 solid reps = 85%TM; 3 solid reps = 90%TM. Regardless of how many reps you COULD do, once you hit the number you want to hit you stop and that’s your TM, you do NOT increase more than the usual 10/5 lbs.
Also, regardless of the program you’re doing, your numbers during each cycle should give you some input if you’re working with the correct loads or not (it’s especially obvious when doing PR sets and/or Jokers).

I.e., I’ve just finished a cycle.
My TM on deads was 146kg, on 1+ week I’ve hit 9 solid reps @ 140kg. Then followed with 2 sets of 3 Jokers @ 152kg.
For next cycle, my TM has to be increased to 150kg (4kg = 10lbs), so next week I’m doing the TM test for 150kg - I have to hit 5 solid reps with 150kg, that’s the TM I want (85%).
Now, I know that if I can do 140x9 and follow up with 2 sets of 152x3 after the AMRAP set, I can realistically do at least 7-8 reps @ 150kg while fresh. But once I hit the 5 reps, that’s it, the test ends and I’m not increasing the TM anymore than the 4kg (10lbs) from 146 to 150kg. It means my TM is correct to go ahead.

There’s a bit more talk about it here:

That’s clear. Thanks man. I was a bit confused on the wording. But I understand. Thanks a lot

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