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Will 250mg Test Weekly Yield Results


I am on TRT and want to know if boosting my Test cyp in spring to 250mg weekly will be noticeable ( either positive or negative ) I currently take 130-150mg per week divided in two doses . I take 1mg anastrozole per week . I am 45 y/o and need to loose more fat as opposed to gaining muscle . I don't diet hard but don't eat sweets or much simple carbs . My diet could be adjusted greatly and cardio increased as well .


Anybody try 250mg Pharmacy grade Test cyp per week ?


Surely someone has done a very very mild cycle -


Just take 500mg, as normal people do. 250mg will just get you to upper/a bit above upper normal limits, which is not much. Why do you want to use only 250mg?


No one is answering you because you already stated that:
You dont diet hard
Your diet could be adjusted
You could add more cardio.

Testosterone isn't some magic elixir thats going to help you drop 100lbs, You need to stick to a diet and lower calories, At your bodyfat percentage you could easily drop weight if you really wanted too.


I don't have 500mg of test to use per week - I only have 250mg per week for a 12 week bender . Then back to 125mg per week for 9 month cruise - as for me not dieting hard , adding more cardio . Yes that is true , but there are all levels of bodybuilding and body shaping . I happen to like what I look like . I could look better of course but overall I am happy .

The question I had was would I see a diffence if I did this 250mg per week 12 week cycle . I am currently on 125mg weekly for a regular TRT program along with a bit of anastrozole . So if you could hold the comments of " loose 100lbs ,it's easy " because that is not part of question .


Just get some UGL test. There are a lot of decent ones.


Where did 125 mg of Test Cyp. put you at in your bloodwork? That may be the S.O.P. to start TRT but I really don't know many guys that have stayed there.

niksamaras is on point. I was on 200 mg/wk with T levels around 800-900 and did 400 mg for 12 weeks. Nice gains but I will up to 500 mg. in the spring.

Sounds stupid but call your doctor and tell him you dropped your vial and it broke. He isn't going to go for it twice but give it a shot. Heck you may see a difference at 300 mg.

As for the weight loss shit you're taking, it's off topic but work on it. The additional "T" will help.


200 is my normal trt dose..when I'm not lifting due to injury I drop it to 100.. when I blast I do 500 to 600..
Depending on how cool yur doc is here's my advice.. Get hgh work up to 4 iu daily. Do it in the morning fasted then do cardio 45min.. personally I think low carb is best for stripping fat..keep protien high & do a solid wl program. But yes you can get gains at 250 but for shredding its all diet & conditioning. .good luck in yur quest 4 hawt abz :wink: fyi if on trt just find 2 spots that let you self inject..pin some & hoard the rest then you can blast off when u want


Thanks for comments


This is exactly what I do, and i've talked about it on other threads. My Dr prescribes 200 test E every other week. I buy my friends identical dose, thus 200 a week, for the last 2-3 years. I't nothing I feel, but i'm bigger than anyone I know, not joking, I took a year off lifting, and didn't really loose any muscle, and now that I'm back lifting, 5mths now, I'm growing like a weed. I'm not blowing up like a juicer, but I've gotten alot more gains in 5mths than if I was natural.

I post pics on my log, have my 3mth pics comming up on Dec 1st. Anyway my blood work seems fine, Dr hasnt noticed anything different. I used to blast and cruise, but now I just stick to this, and people think I'm natural. If your expecting fast steroid like gains forget it. If you work out hard, and are hoping for a 10% edge, this is for you. goodluck


Hey guys I have been taking 250 mg cyp a week for the past 6 months have not cycled off. Just wondering if I should or not at this point or should I keep going until I am satisfied with results. I am under a doctors supervision and they keep telling me not to cycle off and that there really is no risk. I’m in my late 20s.