Will 2-Week Cycles Prevent Shutdown?

As the title suggests, do you think for example a short two week cycle of test prop [100mg EOD] will prevent a complete shutdown of one’s own production and be easier to recover than a standard length cycle.

Obviously, I do expect some suppression, but if I could make a glance within the world of anabolics without my testicles becoming the size of a peanut and feeling like shit for months post cycle, I would be happy.

Thanks in advance to the people who’d state their personal experiences on the subject, I’m looking for an answer from experienced users even if I get sh*t in the process, not just opinions by people who’ve read something somewhere.

I doubt it. At least not with testosterone or other for lack of a better term ‘major’ AAS. Something like a milder oral such as anavar would likely not cause much (if any) noticeable suppression (your numbers would drop, but would you even realize it? I would guess not) after two weeks. But the real issue is why would you bother with a two week cycle? Outside of a few extremely specific circumstances I cannot imagine what good one would get from doing something like that.

Why do you ask? Curious about your curiosity.

Found myself digging recently in the two week Bill Roberts cycle protocol and reading about people’s experiences and results. Everybody says it would be a waste of a cycle, however the people actually getting to try them out report somewhat positive results.

Even though to some it may seem like a joke, when you think about it, with short-acting AAS, wouldn’t doing 6 weeks in total by the end of year, with the 2 on/ 4 off protocol be the same as doing one straight cycle of 6 weeks? Obviously we’re not speaking of compounds such as Deca here, but prop or Dbol?

I’m not sure and can’t say, that’s why I’m trying to see what others think.

I believe Bill Roberts advocated shorter blasts when cruising - not coming completely off.

Okay, excuse my ignorance, but can somebody explain what’s the whole ‘cruising’ point at all?

As far as I know, when people cruise they use something like 100/ 150 mg of test a week, all year long, which serves to avoid the on/off cycle and the PCT that follows. Okay, seems fair, if you really are that much annoyed by the off cycle period, however gain-wise, wouldn’t 100 mg of test a week be basically the same as not pinning at all and using your own T production? I mean, it’s such a low dose anyway, of course if you fucked yourself up already and you gotta stay on TRT for life that would make sense, but otherwise? Again, excuse my ignorance, I just can’t see the idea behind many of the things people do…

Pretty much. Those are TRT doses, a lot of blast and cruise guys are up around 200 to 300 a week.

If you do a two week cycle, you will be shut down/suppressed. If you cruise, you won’t be. So instead of being on a roller coaster of supra physiological followed by low T, you’ll even out.

Two week cycles for those not on year round are a bad ides. I remember reading Roberts say this.

If I did a two week cycle, I’d be up around 1500 for those two weeks, as an example. Then, the two weeks I came off, I’d be well below that, possibly even below normal, and would feel like shit. It also depends on the esters.

It’s actually pretty complicated and you probably don’t see the whole picture. Keep reading, you’ll figure it out.

Thanks, I’m currently digging and trying to learn everything before eventually jumping on the AAS boat and some of the things need me clarification as I cannot comprehend at first, thanks for taking the time to explain

You simply cannot gain any appreciable muscle in two weeks of a higher test environment followed by a low (or nonexistent) test environment. That’s just not how our bodies are designed to work.

That makes sense. So basically, everything (Which won’t be significant either) gained during the 2 weeks of high test will be lost in the following weeks of low test?

So basically, in the end, the best cycle for a beginner would still be 8 weeks of Test E 500 EW? I’m still thinking about a possible shortcut to make it even safer with a faster recovery though… two months of low T doesn’t sound good to me

I think beginners should stay between 10-12 weeks for a first cycle. It’s the best balance of risk/return.