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Wilfred on FX


Anyone else watch this show?

The first two episodes were fucking hilarious. I'm looking forward to tomorrows episode.


It's pretty fucking funny, I have the second on my DVR for whenever I get to it.


So funny that I forgot to watch the 2nd episode.

Seriously, I forgot and I need to watch it. Any series starting off with a failed suicide attempt is gold.


Shit, forgot to get #2. I loved the first one. Appreciate the reminder via the thread.


X 2

The guy playing the dog really makes the show. Frodo isnt bad either.


I'd rather read Calvin and Hobbes.


It is very strange but I have enjoyed it so far and will continue to watch.


DB in the times we are in with reality game shows and Jersey shore, this at least has a unique premise. The acting is not bad and I always preferred books over comics.


I've seen the first two episodes but they didn't make me laugh. I would argue that the premise isn't really unique at all. I agree though. In times like these where every other movie is a remake of another movie or TV show and the ones that aren't are based on a character created by someone who has nothing to do with the movie business (Ironman, Green Lantern, etc) and most TV shows have absolutely ZERO originality and the ones that do are just Americanized bastardizations of European shows (The Office) this does pass for unique, by today's standards.

But then again, I have a weird sense of humor so the fact that I didn't find it funny at all is probably a good indicator that it IS funny. It's not as funny as "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", that's for sure.


^ hahahahahahahahahaha I knew you would fit that in there. I like all kinds of comedy dark comedy the most.


This technically is a remake of an Australian show Wilfred (I think it was a show anyways). The guy playing Wilfred is the guy who played him in Australia ...

Regardless, I love it so far. I love FX shows usually (is anyone else besides me bummed that FX canceled Terriers after only one season? That show was the tits, but I like anything with a little Noir twist).


It's different, but funny. Will at least watch 2nd episode, though I foresee it getting old quick


did someone say dark comedy?