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Wild Wild Card Weekend

Unbelievable Wild Card Weekend. Who would have thought the JETS look the strongest out of all the teams. Alanta advancing with a upset to GREEN BAY. And the GIANTS, boy do they suck,how do you blow a 38-14 lead only the Giants? They reminded me the old JETS. Steelers came back and beat the Browns. And how about T.O. he’s and ass, great reciever, but still an ass. It should be an intreasting road to the Super Bowl. Could it be a 49ers VS Raiders? OR how about a Eagles VS Steelers? By the way don’t count the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS out either. They actually look the best out of all the teams.

The road to the super bowl comes thru Philly and the Vet. The NFC championship will be the final football game at this concrete beast! We match up great against Atlanta but should be a great game. Then hopefully we play Tampa Bay…in Mid January at our house. Hmmm should be in the high teens, at night, maybe a little snow. Oh yeah.

Bye the way what an awesome football weekend we just had. No love lost in Philly for the Giants…however that matchup would have been a war. Giants and Eagles fans play nice during the tailgate parties in the parking lot but once inside fugedahboutit!! Go Birds!

Good call fitone, was at the game on saturday and they looked phenomenal. I’ve been a to the core Jets fan for as long as i can remember (im 25), and was shocked by the stone wall D. 167 total yds! F U, Peyton and Marvin. The old Jets? Lest one forget about the Rich “I suck” Kotite era. They very well might revert this sunday, but I’m cocky now (thanks Chad!). Bring on the geriatrics, er Jerry Rice and company.