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Wild Weight Fluctuations!


Coach, thanks for your time and commitment to this site. My question pertains to my wild weight fluctuations. Here is a quick run down of my stats.

-28 years old (16.5% body fat/ 225lbs July 1st)
-6ft 1.5 inches
-Weight fluctuations:
July 1st: 225
2nd: 214
3rd: 223
4th: 212
5th: 227
9th: 207

-Low Carb Diet
Diet: M1) 6 Omega Eggs/ 1 Multi-vitamin
M2) 2 scoops low carb protein powder 46 grams protein/ 3 tablespoons flax seed/
5 grams creatine/ 1 serving of Benefiber(low carb)
M3) 8oz chicken breast/ 1/2 cup walnuts
M4) Same as M2 (This is post workout)
M5) 8oz 90% lean ground beef/ 2 cups baby spinach/ 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon balsalmic vinegar
M6) Same as M2/ 3 grams Fish Oil (Before Bed)
-I take creatine everyday consistently for last year.
-Fluid intake steady 1.5 gallons daily, plus 8oz coffee every morning
-Following Wendler's 5/3/1 with 2 assistance exercises for no more than 30 repetitions
-Perform 40 minutes of walking (3.5 speed) every day

-I'm using scales that have been tared and are checked regularly for accuracy and precision.
-My weight has been fluctuating 10 to 12 pounds every other day. Hard to tell exactly how much I am losing. This has been going on for the past few months.

Sorry for the long post and thanks again.


Your scales are broken.


Are you using more than one scale? Scales can differ by a few pounds alone. Also, weigh yourself at the same time every day. I have found the mornings just before I get in the shower to be the most consistant. If you are using a digital scale, replace the battery.


Technically it is possible to fluctuate this much. Heck, my own record is gaining 26lbs in 6 hours (don't ask)

And it's not rare for m weight to fluctuate 5-6lbs during the depending on my hydration status. I'm someone who drink like crazy, around 3 gallons a day so my body is always in flushing mode, so if stop drinking for a few hours I can lose 2-3lbs easily.

Anyway, if your scales are indeed accurate the main cause of the wild fluctuation are likely due to hydration status or stomach content.


Thanks for the quick response Coach. I'm glad I'm not alone in weight fluctuations. My scales are not broken. I've even put 250lbs of weights on them to check. Well, I just won't worry about it then if it is somewhat common.

Thanks again for your time.