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Wild Man Jon North Snatches 160kg in 94kg Class


You know him, you love him. Here he is doing one of the better snatches that has been done by a US lifter recently... The American Record is 165 and it's going down soon!!!


very nice lift! thats one strong guy! who has the current record? and what did he clean and jerk


kick ass


Here is a little something I wrote about how Jon trains and lives... just trying to get some props from the general population for amateur sport in general, folks that toil away to lift more, run faster, throw further, aren't in the "mainstreem" sports like football/basketball/baseball but still deserve respect...



nice lifting, your athletes are good!




He made that look easy.


That did look easy for him. Here it is from another angle



That looked really easy for him. Great lift!



You mentioned in the article Jon has a very specific PWO diet plan. I was hoping you may be able to give us some more details or information on that.



Phenomenal lifting. That US record will likely be broken a couple of times by Jon!


Looked easy for him.





Damn, I'd be stoked if I could clean and jerk 136


Tom Gough has all the records. The snatch record is 165 from 2000, and the CJ record is 205 from 1999, total is 367.5 from 1999. Good luck Jon and Glenn!!


For those of you who are fans of Jumpin' Jon North, here is a hilarious video of him being convinced to shoot my 500 S&W Magnum (most powerful handgun ever made) with only one hand... watch till the end, its funny.



whats Jon's height? just curious thought


I weighed him in at the last competition where he did his 160 snatch and he was 93 kg and he is about 5 ft 9 inches.


nice lift.. I'm still working for a body weight snatch!


Man, that is bad-ass.