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Wild Iron Gym - USPA Meet on October, 9th


We’re hosting this meet at the new gym location in Santa Clara, CA. The meet will be USPA sanctioned offering full power lifting in the raw and single-ply divisions (sorry, no single lift of multi-ply entries). We are limiting the meet to the first 40 lifters. The entry form will be available online in the next day or two. If anyone has questions, let me know.

Platform will be carpeted. Other platform equipment will be:

Elite FTS mono (squats must be walked out though)
Texas squat bar

Forza bench
Texas power bar

Okie deadlift bar

This is great thanks for posting. I’ve been shooting for the Sierra Nevada Open but my training’s a little behind at the moment, and this meet would be perfect for the programming I’m currently running.

Is it open to first-time lifters?

Yes, the meet is open to first timers. Definitely checkout the USPA rulebook before the meet, since it’s your first one.

Yeah I already looked them over a few times but i’ll be sure to give them a close read before showing up. I also have a USPA veteran helping me out which I will benefit greatly from, I’m sure.

Thanks a lot for posting!

The entry form is online and due September, 24th:

There’s also a Facebook event for the meet:

Why require squats to be walked out if there’s a monolift?

USPA rules require walkout for the raw and single-ply divisions. I’m using the monolift for the platform, since I don’t have an ER rack. Plus, it’s super easy to adjust heights.

Our meet on October, 9th will be sponsored by Salus Chiropractic in Los Gatos. There will be a $100 gift certificate for each open class best lifer (raw male/female and single-ply male/female). There will also be raffle prizes:

-4 free initial consultations
-2 rehab packs
-2 wrist wraps from elite fitness
-2 t-shirts from elite fitness


Also, MogoBBQ will be there from 11:30-2:00 as the food vendor.