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Wild BF Fluctuations

I have been doing skin fold body fat testing on myself for a few years now, and my numbers have always been pretty consistant from one week to another with no wild changes.

But, i just did a BF test this morning and my measure had gone up 2% in one week on the T-dawg 2.0.

I always try to take the measures first thing on mondays after a morning piss. I would think that after one week on a hypocaloric diet, i would have lost fat, but according to the calipers, i have gained.

I realize that this could just be an abbEration, but is there anything else that could explain these odd results?

Well, i guess it could have just been an error on my part. I’ll recheck in a few days.

It seems odd though. Weight was down about 0.5 lbs, meaning a 3 pound shift from muscle to fat. Not encouraging.

I guess the mirror tells me differently and my workouts continue to be intense so i know im not losing muscle. Just have to retest and figure things out from there