T Nation

Wikipedia Link for T-Nation


T-Nation already has it's own entry in wikipedia.

I think this alone would probably justify adding it to the links list on the bodybuilding entry, and possibly also adding it's entry under the See Also list.

The T-Nation entry could also do with some expansion - atleast a mention of Tim, TC, Biotest and the Authors.

Any wikipedians with thoughts? Feel free to discuss on wikipedia.


Well I went ahead and added the link. It fits right in :slightly_smiling:


Yankees76 got rid of it. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Bodybuilding&oldid=57207939#Spam_Links

Actually I think his reasoning for doing so is sound. Of course, that same reasoning applies to the GetBig site, whose link remains. Hm...


Wikipedia has a bad rap among many, for various reasons.

Just for the record, I wrote about 20 pages on Wikipedia...or at least started them.