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Wikipedia Blackout


Wikipedia will be blacking out the English language version of their site for 24 hours as a protest of SOPA/PIPA. Thoughts?

I know there was a thread on SOPA recently, but it wasn't on the first 3 pages and I wasn't looking further than that.


looks like I'll be reading German wikipedia for a day.


Good. I hope SOPA goes down like a burning e-Fireball.



Too bad he still signed the NDAA


The wiki blackout isn't really hard to get around. You just have to stop your browser from going to the SOPA blackout page.


Yeah I was just about to post that. Just stop your browser on the page you want to read. There's like a 2 second delay before it redirects you to the blackout page.

The reason I know this is because I wiki'ed what NDAA was. Thanks raj lol.



Noticed how I used Kobe's wiki page so WF and BG can't accuse me of anti-Kobe bias?



Oh no, Wiki students will now have to physically walk to a library and pick up one of those heavy things...with paper in them and words...you know...BOOKS! I hope they all get paper cuts on their thumbs.


Um, what is this about?

Will it lead me to white bitches if I participate?


This is not going to stop. What is going to happen is the Motion Picture guys are going to wait or fund someone with there agenda into power. Then they will make a worst law and it will effect everyone on the net.

Soon there will be 2 kinds of webs. The american web. And the rest of us.


For how long? Once that ball gets a rollin....


They already want to make a special type of dns system.

DNS= DOMAIN NAME SERVICE(or SYSTEM) ..basicly it turns your domain name google.com to a computer address called an internet protocal address, IP for short.

What the US wants to do. Is create master DNS servers that make sites disappear if they are found to engage in piracy or something its laws don't like. It will install these on all data pipelines going in and out of the country.

I am not even sure about access going into the country for there sites. There is already content filters on certain sites if your not from the US. EXAMPLE hulu.com would not let people from Canada watch Saturday night live online.

Then to police the rest of the world the US would use it trade and economic influence to put political pressure on countries to play ball. EXAMPLE Canada is a major trade partner. If they wanted to make sure we are on ball they just have to put pressure on our puppets err I mean politicians and they would go with the money.

How long ... wait till the next american election. The current prez is alright, and seems reasonable. Its the republicans that will be doing this.


You realize that Hollywood and the Music industry (both overwhelmingly Democrat) were the main backers of this bill....correct?


they would go after ANY domain if it ends in a .com


The United States of China is looming.

I'm planning to pirate everything if this does pass, and they will fail in their attempts to restrict the internet for everyone.


The Oat's take on things.......classic



This is pretty funny considering Switzerland has made it legal to download any media for personal use.



I have no clue what this stuff is all about.

anyone up for giving me the nuts and bolts?


Bills would allow non-governmental agencies to, without due process, option of reprieve, or notice, remove a website with the "potential to distribute unlawfully obtained intellectual property" from search engine results, block their non-IP (the name, like T-Nation.com, instead of 12.345.6789) address, have the "offending" site's ISP remove or block them, or have the website removed from it's hosting servers.

In short, private, for-profit groups would dictate which websites continued to exist.

I thought we were gonna get Brave New World, not 1984.5 - the Incorporating.