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Wikipedia and Shugart

This is a quote directly from wikipedia:

“Chris Shughart- One of the editors of T-Nation, and a major contributor. Currently most notable for the Velocity Diet.”

I guess Chris Shughart doesnt know how to spell his own name. We all know wikipedia never lies.

Did you fix it?

[quote]jacross wrote:
Did you fix it?[/quote]

No, I didnt. I read wikipedia a bit but thats it :slight_smile:

yeah all that HTML crap is complicated stuff, I’ve tried to edit stuff and was just lost… it sucks for the knowledgeable people who want to post stuff.

All you would need to do is go to where it says Chris Shughart, and delete the offending letter. Then press save. You don’t need to worry about any of the code.

Looks like someone took the time to fix it already.

We can all sleep at night! :wink: