WikiLeaks? What is Their "Mission"?

I really am torn on Wikileaks. The intelligence apparatus makes me incredibly uneasy, but so does a group of “truth” vigilantes undermining it.

There is no doubt a value to learning that the NSA was inadvertently collecting info on, potentially, millions of US citizens (In direct contradiction to the Nat Sec Advisor) but the value of that knowledge may not make up for the damage done to the intelligence apparatuses operations that were compromised.

Wikileaks may have crippled the US’s counter-cyber warfare department with these leaks (which is a total disaster), but there is some worrisome stuff in there.

On balance, I will err on the side of the intelligence services, but dang if it doesn’t make me want a shower.

Ahhhh humor. Arr arr.

Its a Russian tool… Putin lets those guys live in return for servitude… Notice no leaks on Russia and they all get sanctuary…hmmm I wonder