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I will admit I have ignored WikiLeaks in news lately but reading about the latest release has got me thinking. I trying to think what the end game is, what kind of world is implied, and if it is a place I would want to see come about. Not too far along yet.

What do y'all think about WikiLeaks?

Some reading:


I think their actions are justified. I haven't reviewed the information, but it seems to be pretty embarrasing for our "leaders". This is just another example of the mainstream media only showing us what they want us to see. What was the first act after this release? Govt and media attacked the 23 yr old PFC and Wikileaks for treasonous activities so as to change focus from what is contained in the documents to the "domestic terrorists" that released the data. What a joke. HOWDY BTW...and screw OU and Nebraska.


That fucking cunt is so full of shit.



I agree some transparency is important in govt (not a dem or rep thing here, as the neocons keep pushing it as part of a structural adjustment packages through the WB and IMF while Obama pushes for it at home) but I think there is much needed room for secrecy. That is where my concern is, I do not see this as an either/or situation, neither extreme is good. Do we need to know the comments made by diplomats to their co-workers? I really do not think so. Should we know about all the pork attached to bills and who voted for what? Yes. Are backroom deals apart of politics? Yes. Do we need to know about all of them? I do not think so. If you pay attention they are obvious enough.

That this the crux of my dilemma, I do not know if the leaks are actually helpful or harmful. I do not think those who release the information can suggest that their intentions are neutral.


And howdy to both of yall. I feel kinda neutral about it. Like yall mentioned, the mainstream media only says so much that who the hell knows what really the truth. The Government shouldve stepped up. But at the same time, if it can harm our men and women overseas and some sort of fashion, is it worth "sticking it to the man" and learning what some things are going on?


I liked this articles write up about the State Department leaks and what is going on. It tells us much of what we knew or suspected.


Wikileaks is amazing, x100 better then ANY NEWS OUTLET. It releases information it that has been verified and scrutinized to the teeth before being released.


All of his leaks have been run through by his team and others and any names that could cause people to be endangered have been blacked out.

I like what he is doing.


Interview with Assange from Forbes: http://blogs.forbes.com/andygreenberg/2010/11/29/an-interview-with-wikileaks-julian-assange/


Ive been reading some things about the people behind WikiLeaks. Very, very powerful people


Isn't it strange that the government can have secrets from us yet they do everything in their power to keep us from keeping secrets from them?


I think the problem of wikileaks will be solved soon enough with the recent interpol actions. There is a difference between this and transparency. Take the whole Pakistan situation. Numerous countries were working together in order to get Pakistan to cooperate. Part of this deal was to make Pakistan look good to the public so that they will come out of the situation ahead of where they started.

Now that a lot of this information has been leaked, giving Pakistan a black eye, it ruins a lot of work that these people have done. This causes the process to have to start over which takes time. This extra time causes more troops to be in danger for longer periods of time which is unfair to them.

I just think the whole of wikileaks got blinded by their own ideology and are going too far. Their point is already made, stop hurting people.


I think classified is being missused, I don't think it was invented to save powers that are , any embarassment or to purposly keep America in the dark


Good post.


I also think this could be the work of our own Gov. to leak the fact that other Middle Eastern countries don't like Iran


I like it.

I hope it becomes un-necessary, and the mere reality of the threat changes the way our government does buisness.


So people wanted to make Pakistan look good thru deception/secrecy? or do you mean like collateral damage, by association?


Interestingly, I received an email in my Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account today stating that Army personnel are not to access WikiLeaks because information on it is "classified".


Yeah: that's why the facade is so stupid. We all know Pakistan's government is corrupt, and merely inept at best, tacitly, and sometimes actively supporting anti-coalition, hard-line Islamic elements. But don't say it out loud... or their non-support might dwindle and we might feel even stupider for continuing to send them billions in aid...


Well, it is definitely not "Secret" anymore...

Can you be disciplined for your online activity assuming no laws broken? Or would this be considered trying to access classified information?