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Wikileaks Terror Strike


Julian Assange has recently released the complete unredacted Whitehouse cables endangering informants in China, Central Asia and the Middle East. Intelligence operatives of the West have been outed with their names released. The five largest left-wing newspapers[1] that have previously been collaborating with Assange have issued a public statement condemning Wikileaks.

[1] NY Times, UK Guardian, French Le Monde, German Der Spiegel, Spanish El Pais


Fucking egomaniac douche. I hope he burns for this. Literally.



What kind of a shitstain does such a thing?



See, they did not intend to release those names, it just kind of happened.

How do I know that? Because one of the "left-wing" papers, namely Der Spiegel have a detailed account of what happened.

So, its all ok, nothing to worry about.




'WikiLeaks has published its full archive in an easily accessible and searchable manner, the first time the content has been made widely available to those without sophisticated technical skills.'

'[Wikileaks] conducted a poll of its Twitter followers to decide whether to publish the documents, which it initially said was running at "100 to one" in favour of publishing. WikiLeaks did not disclose the final tallies, nor how many individuals responded to its poll.'

'WikiLeaks...published a series of increasingly detailed tweets giving clues about where the password might be found as part of its attempts to deny security failings on its own part.'

'The newly published archive contains more than 1,000 cables identifying individual activists; several thousand labelled with a tag used by the US to mark sources it believes could be placed in danger; and more than 150 specifically mentioning whistleblowers'

'The cables also contain references to people persecuted by their governments, victims of sex offences, and locations of sensitive government installations and infrastructure.'




This guy is clearly a foreign threat to US national security. Why hasn't he been taken out?


Agreed, why doesn't Seal Team 6 pay him a visit ?


Cause they died in a crash?


Does not matter, the cat was already out of the bag.


They never die, just multiply.


They are like slow breeding "terrorists" then?


This forum is a love fest, I tell you . Julian Assange is a hero. 60 minutes did a good piece on him last night.


He is useful.

A bit of an egomaniac perhaps, but there are worse things one can be.


Imagine that an ego :slight_smile:


Yeah, really useful, because so many future informants are going to be willing to divulge sensitive information now that they know that people like Assange will just release their name and get them murdered whenever it benefits them to do so.


Yeah well, maybe somebody should not have dumped this information into a data system which was accessible for roughly 2 million people.

Anyhow, I am sure that you understand the idea of collateral damage?


No. Their primary roles are "hostage rescue" and "counterterrorism" - i.e. saving people from terrorists and killing terrorists. Difficult distinction to grasp I realise. Perhaps it might be easier to grasp if you were being held hostage by "freedom fighters" - aka Islamic fundamentalists - see attached picture.


More like in, they multiply when you kill some of them.

Just not as fast as the super cool multipliers.