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WikiLeaks Targeting Russia?



Taking on the FSB.


Well, don't look for Mr. Assange to be whistle-blowing anything for much longer, if this is true.

He either has an immunity to fear or a hole in the area of his brain that controls common sense.

He should probably take a break from all the documents and read the magazines that publish articles about him.



Hoo boy. This ought to be interesting to follow. It seems as if Jason Bourne/James Bond movies come to life whenever Russian politics are concerned, so I can't wait to find out what becomes of this.

I'm indifferent to Assange himself, mostly because although I am a proponent of truth-telling and uncovering corruption and misdeeds the man seems to be somewhat of an ego-maniac. Also, his Iraq disclosures materially damaged and risked security with detailed information that is not relevant to corruption, but IS relevent to keeping sources alive and logistics/operations fueled and smooth. I didn't like it when reporters materially leaked operations on tv, and I don't like what Assange did via the internet for the same reason.

Here's another interesting thing I found linked from that article....Garry Kasparov, the world's best and most genius chess player, is running opposition politics in Russia. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1604889,00.html

Suffice to say, I find that fascinating on numerous levels. A brain like Kasparov's is an invaluable thing. And dangerous to boot, once it's set free to work.


Russia to Wiki...."We will break you..."

USA to Wiki...... "Let it fly, the US has oppressed too long...let the world know".


Yep, I see the anti-semite troll's posts were removed (along with mine) and he's changed his avatar from the vile one he had up last night, exactly as I predicted.

(talking about Karl Lueger, btw, not anyone presently in this thread)


I stll dont know what he posted, but anything that contains "jews" and "ovens" in one sentence cant be good.

The funny thing is that Karl Lueger was not even an anti-semite he just pandered to troglodytes like this poster to have a political career


Man, does that guy not know who he is messing with?

A former co-worker of mine is a Ukrainian immigrant and has told me stories of entire villages "disappear" after publishing things that were unflattering to the govt.

He'd say "one day you see story in paper, next day whole village gone."

I asked him where they went. His response- "You don't ask. You ask, you disappear too. You find out exactly where they go and no one ever see you again either.".

The fear in his voice was palpable, and I have no doubt of the validity of his statements.


His avatar was a lamp with an ugly caricature of a jew drawn on the lampshade. Yeah, seriously.


I know.

I have seen it.

Google translator just could not translate his entire post, is all.


This is definitely going to be interesting. However, I am more anxious to see what the Russian intelligence digs up on Wikileaks than what Wikileaks digs up on the Russian intelligence. Seeing as how even before this, there was suspicion that Wikileaks is an Israeli PsyOp.

The Russians aren't exactly regarded as leaders in human rights, so "leak" away. Meanwhile, the relationship between Israel and Russia is pretty fascinating. Like when the Israelis armed and trained the Georgians who became emboldened to the point they thought they could take on Russia militarily in 2008.

I also never understood the claim that Julian Assange is in hiding but "emerges" out from hiding to speak publicly in scheduled seminars around the world. How he managed to get on the Colbert Report and go back into hiding without any trace on him is remarkable.