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Wikileaks Iraq




Apparently Julian Assange is going to hold a press release tomorrow about the documents.


it is always good for a government to feel insecure about what it is doing. Unethical behavior should be exposed. I do think its important to have a truly anonymous method for posting evidence of unethical behavior in government, churches, businesses, etc.

where i have issue is in the fact that they left some names and titles. they hid most of the names this time around, but still left titles? How hard is it going to be to figure it out? I dont know, but I think there is a line where the documents are likely to lead to individuals getting assassinated due to the actions of a government entity that should just not be crossed.


It's all good....as long as the Obama leaks come downstream....oh don't wait for it though. The CIA should have taken this org down someway. Leaking classified docs is the utmost example of responsibility when it comes to liberal national security policy!!!


Torture and abuse by any party should be exposed - no matter what - but I get a bit of a Breitbart feeling about Assange - with Assange he's "leaking" selective bits of real events and information and priming the audience towards how they should receive it.

Interesting piece, IMO: http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/09/wikileaks-revolt/


This is a damn shame, they are releasing this info to distract us from the election in the meantime how come Obamas transcript from college are still sealed come on wikileaks find something juicy.
And Carl torture and abuse are fine in my book if you are a soldier or are helping the enemy.


there is a lot of truth in that statement, and i agree with breitbart. too bad really, because i do feel that we need an unbiased place to expose corruption.


I agree, but isn't most information we receive manipulated to fit an agenda.