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Wiiwii's Training Log

Workout B
Warmup on eliptical and some mobility drills.
Squat 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 16 60 kg, 16 70 kg, 13 80 kg 12 85 kg, 11 87.5 kg (PR)! Then my back got muscle spasms, I couldn’t do any more squatting :frowning:
Military press 1
6 20 kg, 16 30 kg, 11 40 kg, 11 47.5 kg (PR)! 25 42.5 kg 15 40 kg.
Pendlay Row 1
6 20 kg 3*5 30 kg.

I did rows instead of power cleans because my back keep cramping up.

I’m having a cold at the moment so I feel a bit tired, but happy with 2 new PR’s.

Lift heavy people!

Good progress.

I recommend staying at 87.5kg on your squats and working it up to 3 full sets of 5. Otherwise you will soon be just doing singles which won’t work as well.

Just a thought. Good luck anyhow.

You are right Der Candy!
I wanted to see if I could get a new PR in the squat. After that I could’t squat anymore because of the back spasms. Goal is to lift 85 kg 3*5 next week, should be able to do that. Then try 87.5 kg the week after.

Yeah no point doing singles, rippetoe is working good thus far. Thinking about adding some dips and chins don’t know if it’s the right time for it yet.

Im back from a cold and some fever :frowning:
I have missed a workout this week but not much I could do to avoid it.

Workout A
5 min warmup on eliptical, did the warmup drills that was in mike boyles article and some light warmup with a 20 kg barbell.

Squat 16 40 kg, 16 60 kg, 15 80 kg, 11 85 kg, 35 85 kg.
Bench 1
10 20 kg, 18 40 kg, 15 50 kg, 35 55 kg.
Deadlift 1
8 50 kg, 16 80 kg, 11 100 kg, 1*5 100 kg.

Finished with foamrolling and static stretching.

I had missed the iron. Squats went good, will try 87.5 kg next workout. I should raise bench and deadlift also. All in all think the minibreak did me good.

Lift heavy

Did some physical therapy today. I did mobility work in a swimming pool.

Fingers feel like shit today, I can hardly grip anything.

Workout B
5 min warmup on eliptical, did some mobility drills. Then I worked on squat form for about 15-20 min, some idiots had taken the only squat rack…

Squats 16 60 kg, 13 80 kg, 25 87.5 kg, 14 87.5 kg.
Military press 16 20 kg, 35 40 kg.
Power clean 3*5 40 kg.

Squats was great! I had a good spotter, that helped alot. It’s alot easier to go balls to walls when you know you will not get crushed by the bar if you don’t get up. The last rep on the last set he helped me alot so that one doesn’t count, but still good gains! :slight_smile:
Military press was crap, my left hand/vrist/fingers are a mess. It hurts as soon as I touch something, pressing stuff is a real pain.
Power cleans where good, form was very good but my energy level was low after the squats.

I don’t know if this okey according to Rippetoe but if I am raising one lift I don’t have the energy to raise the other two during that workout. Focus on squats this workout.

Have a nice weekend all

Psoriatic Arthritis

Dude, you have to take care of your joints. I don’t suffer from this but have known quite a few people who have.

You can add an extra day of rest during your week doing the Rippletoe program. It sounds like you are having trouble recovering fast enough. Feel free to add an extra day of rest. In fact, you can take 2 days of rest between each workout day if you want.

If you do have Psoriatic Arthritis then your body is going to be having more trouble recovering because of the load on your immune system etc… and you really, REALLY don’t want to be pushing it too hard.

You should be getting a LOT of fish oil. In fact you should be looking into everything to promote joint health.

Rippletoe says to add weight EVERY workout but you do not have to add a LOT of weight, don’t get greedy. Also, you can de-load or reduce the amount every so often.

Have you got the book Practical Programming? by Rippletoe and excellent reading. Are you working from Starting Strength? that is where the program you are using is written.

Your diet looks fine. Your attitude also seems good.

Good luck.

Hi Magarhe!
Yeah I am trying to listen to my body as much as possible. I like the rippetoe program, but I can’t add weights every workout, but I have gotten decent gains and I feel there is more to get. I might have added a little to much on my deadlift, since now my grips is much weaker then my back/hamstrings, but I think that has more to do with my illness then gripweakness. I tried lifting with straps but that annoyed the hell out of me, will work on getting stronger.

I am eating Glukos amin and eating more fishoil, 2-3 grams/day. Then I have anti inflammatory medicines and cortison pills. I try to drink green tea whenever I can, since I read that it is good for my joints.
If you have any other tips of foods etc. that are good for joint health please feel free to tell me.

I have not read the book you mentioned but I am working from Starting strenght, forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=998224, it has been very informatory for me atleast.

I just want to get stronger so I can battle my illness, beeing in good physical health is about the only thing I can affect.

Lift strong

I strongly recommend that you buy the book and read it. The is a lot of stuff in the book that isn’t covered on that thread.

First you need to take care of your diet. That is no. 1 priority, not the weight progression. In fact it is covered in the 2nd version of the book quite nicely.

Also you started with too greedy weight increases. Yes Rip says to increase the weight on every workout, but you have to do the warm-ups as he describes them. Proper mobility work and joint warming for the calves, hips and low back. Then perform 2 or 3 with the empty bar, then another 2 ramping to your top weight.

You say that you are allergic to some fruits. Are you allergic to milk and eggs? Meat? Sorry but it seems to me that your problem is with not getting enough Meat, Fish and Fowl.

Rethink your nutrition approach and post some ideas here. Read up on Berardi and Lowery.

Hi Sawadeekrob,
You do have a point about the book and I am going to buy it, need to get it from amazon.com but that shouldn’t be a problem

I have started to do mobility work wich has helped, the drills that mike boyle showed in an article not long ago on this site.

I’m thinking of having a deload week then start again with smaller weight increases might help me, does this sound like a good idea?

I am going to increase protein intake, im thinking 200-250 grams/day should be better for me. My weight is 165 pounds (73kg, 170 cm tall) so that should be enough for now, I can always eat more if it doesn’t help.

I think around 2800ish calories is what I need to eat to be able to increase my lifts, if I get too heavy I can just cut down on the calories no big deal.

Going to post a meal plan based around these figures, aiming for 6-7 meals/day. Will start to build meals that can help me accomplish this.

How does this sound for a start? Any advice is welcome.

This was going to be a workout A day, but my right leg was a mess today. Everything from my knee to my hip and ankle where acting up, did some mobilty drills. Did some rowing and some other rehab stuff for my shoulders. Hope my leg feels better tomorrow for some squating.

This is the second book Rippletoe did

You can order from Aasgard and even get it signed!

I recommend it more than “Starting Strength” because it has so much useful stuff in it. It should be required reading for everyone.

For your joints, you are doing a lot for them already, breakthroughs in medicine will help you in say 5-10 years but PA is a nuisance of a thing, one piece of advice is make sure you have a stress free life … although you cannot avoid sress, you can react to it calmly and not let things bother you.

good luck!

How old are you? I think the program is written for the average untrained 16 year-old. Sounds like you have WAY more going on than the average 16yo.

Thank for all the tips and cheerful advice Magarhe, I need to get some more money and then I will order both the books from amazon.com.

HoratioSandoval, I am 25 years old. I have lifted weights on and off since I was 15, but never had a real plan to it. I need to get stronger and get better joint health (don’t know if you can write it like that but I hope you understand me). It’s not good for my health because of my illness to gain too much weight, I am 73 kg at 170 cm at the moment. So if you have any tips or advice at something that would suit me better then rippetoes please tell me :slight_smile: It seemed like a good place to start for me atleast but I might be wrong

Today was a late workout A day
My right leg feelt a bit better then yesterday but I wanted to keep it light just incase.

5 min warmup on eliptical, mobility work for back, ankle, knee and hips. Some technique work with a 20 kg barbell.

Squats 1x10 20 kg, 1x8 40 kg, 3x5 60 kg, ATG.
Benchpress 1x10 20 kg, 1x8 40 kg, 3x5 50 kg.
Deadlift 3x5 50 kg.

I went as low as I could on squats for me this is with my buttom on my calves. Is this my ATG? Or does my buttom need to touch the floor for it to be ATG? Just a question.

It feelt okey during the workout. Post workout I have had dizzy spells, elevated heartrate and cold sweats… I have no idea if it’s the medicine or what causing this. Going to see my physical therapist on friday will ask her if she has any clue what this is.

Lift strong people

Long day today :smiley:

I went and did some physical therapy in water. It gives a person a whole lot of perspective on things. When you have people around you that are missing limbs and not complaining it’s makes you feel like a weak **** for whining :smiley:

I did a workout B also
Long warmup since some guy was doing 10 sets of benchpress with the only olympic bar there.
Front and backsquats 4x8 20 kg
(Back)Squats 1x8 40 kg, 1x6 60 kg, 1x5 70 kg, 1x3 80 kg, 1x1 87.5 kg, 1x2 87.5 kg, 3x5 80 kg.
Military press 1x10 20 kg, 1x8 30 kg, 3x5 40 kg.
Powerclean 3x5 45 kg.

Squats was not good, my form was bad. I couldn’t do more then 2 reps on 87.5 kg, so i decided to lose some weight and get all the reps and sets at 80 kg instead.
Military press and powercleans where decent,not much more to say about that.

I think that it was a stupid idea too do both rehab and weight lifting on the same day. But you live and you learn :slight_smile:

Lift strong :slight_smile:

Workout A
5 min warmup on eliptical, mobility drills and light work with a 20 kg barbell.

Squat 1x10 20kg, 1x8 40kg, 1x6 60kg, 1x5 80kg, 3x5 82.5kg.
Benchpress 1x12 20kg, 1x8 40kg, 1x5 50kg, 3x5 55kg.
Deadlift 1x8 50 kg, 1x5 80 kg, 1x3 100 kg.

Squats feelt great, when i really push my head back and push out my chest the bar flies up. Need to focus on form more.
Benchpress was decent, form is good but my left wrist is hurting, thinking about getting wrist wraps. But that feels like getting a aid that will hinder me in the long run, if the pain gets worse ill do all my pressing with wrist wraps, hopefully I won’t need it.

Deadlift was okey. The lighter weights went well, form was good. But my fingers gave up on the last set, I had a hard time gripping a empty barbell after the session. Might need to start using straps :frowning:

Overall I feel terrible, I think my illness has gotten worse and my doctor is away to the states on conferance… I just hope I feel better soon. On the bright side my current weight is 75.2 kg now :smiley: My waist is getting smaller aswell so it’s hopefully not fat I am gaining.

Lift strong T-men/women

Did some rehab work in a swimming pool. The fingers on my left hand hurt I am having a hard time gripping with it.

Workout B
Warmup on eliptical, mobility drills and form work with a light barbell.

Squats 1x10 20 kg, 1x10 40 kg, 1x8 60 kg, 1x5 80 kg, 3x5 85 kg.
Military press 1x10 33 kg, 3x5 43 kg.
Power clean 3x5 43 kg.

Squats went good today, I want to start doing some front squats also. I have included them in my light barbell work. I think I will help my back squat.

Military pressing was decent. I had to work with a 13 kg barbell instead of a normal 20 kg. Made things a bit different thats why I lifted 43 kg in my sets.

Power cleans feelt fine, need to do some more olympic rowing. At the moment I am only doing olympic rowing as part of my light barbell warmup.

My lower back was tired today, don’t think I have recovered from sundays deadlifting, but it didn’t hinder me from working out. It is so much easier when the muscles are tired compared to when my joints just say no too lifting :frowning:

Lift strong and stay healthy

Workout A
Warmup as always, starting to get better mobility from the drills I do. Always nice to see improvment.

Squats 1x10 20kg, 1x10 40 kg, 1x6 60 kg, 1x5 80 kg 3x5 87.5 kg.
Benchpress 1x10 20 kg, 1x8 40 kg, 1x5 50 kg, 3x5 57.5 kg.
Deadlift 1x10 40 kg, 3x5 70 kg.
Did some light work for my shoulders.

I’m still pumped up after todays workout, I feelt like a normal weekend warrior today :slight_smile: My body is feeling great, except for my left hip that I hurt relaxing during a squat :smiley: I wanted to breath in when I was going down squating with 87.5 kg, I had my ass on my calves before I could recover from it. Hopefully the pain in my hip will go away.

I had a friend who is going to be a PT be my training partner today wich was great since I could go all out today. The only things he thought I could improve with my squat was that I went a little too low for his liking, wich in my book only sounds like I am doing something right. The second thing was that I needed to use my abs more, might throw in some ab work, if anybody has any ideas about this feel free to help me out.

Benchpress was good, technique is getting better and better.

Deadlift I changed from the original rippetoe program. I am going to use 3x5 instead of 1x5. This will allow me to use a lighter weight wich will help my fingers out a bit and also will focus on form more. Will increase it 5 kg a time from now on.

Was fun to talk to somebody that thought that going below parallell was a bad idea for the squat. He also thought it was weird that I tried to get my feet as close to the bar as possible, I hope people understod that one.

He also said he likes doing squats in a smith machine, since it helps him go heavier… But I wondered if he didn’t lose all the “core” muscles etc. that you workout when you use free weights. His responce was that he will try it on sathurday, when we will workout together :slight_smile:

Stay strong and healthy t-people !