Wiiwii's Training Log

     Hello all!

Going to start the Rippetoe program, seems to be best suited for me and I’m really looking forward to get going, first workout in like 8 hours :slight_smile:

The workouts are the following

Workout A
35 Squat
5 Bench
1*5 Deadlift

Workout B
35 Squat
5 Standing military press
3*5 Power cleans

Going to start with workout A tomorrow.

Will see where this program takes me, going to use krilloil and anti inflammatorys + whey protein shakes. Will look into creatine if the workouts are hard, but volume doesnt seem to be so high will see how it goes.

Trying to get my diet dialed in, working on eating 5-6 times per day. I have laid of all the good stuff here in life and working to get in as much powerfood as I can into my diet.

Anybody done/doing Rippetoe’s that has any advice?
I will start with my maxes and work my way up.

Will make another post tomorrow after the workout.

Are you actually good at Power cleans or have someone to show you? Because if I remember correctly the program recommends doing bent-overs instead of cleans if you don’t know how to do them.

Also i upped my deadlift to 3 sets instead of one, but for the beginner 1 set should be ok.

I recommend using 90 second intervals between sets, i feel like i get enough rest and usually i’m out of the gym pretty quickly.

Btw, what exactly do you mean by your “maxes”

Hi Vasa,
I would say I can do a proper power clean, I have teached the form for my players (ex basketball coach) + that was one of the few exercises that I used to do.

I did the workout today and 90 secs sounds like somewhere along the lines of my restperiod.

I don’t know what to do with the deadlifts yet. I did 15 today but should maybe change that to 35 after a while but want to follow the program for a while. I always find a good program then start changing it alot, guess thats the coach in me :frowning: But for now I will be Mr Rippetoe’s little follower :slight_smile:

With “maxes” I meant my max lift 3*5. Instead of starting at a lower weight, but I guess I could have been more clear on that :frowning:

Workout A
5 min warmup on the eliptical, did not feel well but wanted to try the workout.
Did some warmup exercises with a 15 kg barbell to get warmer and let the muscles get lose.
Squat 15 50 kg warmup, 35 70 kg
Bench 35 50 kg
Deadlift 1
5 80 kg

The squat was okey, form was decent but the last 3 reps was more willpower then strength :smiley:

My bench man oh man this feelt great, I was really focused on proper form today. THANK YOU T-Nation! I had the best bench ever. Worked on being as tight as possible and shoulderblades was firmly tucked. Tried to feel my lats helping with the lift and had my heels pushing. It’s was great! Only weird point was that my right hip feelt like cramping up when I tried to pull my legs back, anybody know a stretch or anything for this?

Deadlifts went good dunno what my 1rm is yet but im guessing i might do 110 kg if I tried, I hope so anyways.

All in all okey first workout :smiley:

did you add any of the fluff excersizes? the only one I would add are pull ups.

Nope didn’t add any fluff yet, will add pullups and maybe dips but not for a while.

Might be enough just adding
35 deadlifts instead of 15 and be happy with that.

Why would you not add dips?

Today was a hard day, did not feel like working out but that’s when you really need to hit the weights :smiley:
I did like 20 minute warmup becuase my quads where so stiff from tuesdays workout :frowning:

Workout B
Squat 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 12 70 kg, 13 75kg, 25 75 kg.
Military press 3
5 30 kg
Power clean 3*5 30 kg

Squats man oh man, I did not have any strenght today, first set on 75 kg was horrible almost feel down on third rep. But focused a little on technique and got atleast 2*5 with the squat. Did some foamrolling afterwards hope that helps my quads for saturdays workout. Squating 3 times a week is putting alot of stress on my legs, well will see how it works out.

Military press was first time I did this exercise as a non warmup drill so started light with 30 kg, feelt good.

The power clean was lower weight then I would have liked but I didn’t have alot of energi left so I worked on form alot.

Going to get some beta-7 today I feel I need a energy boost for my workouts.

Rough day today, was hungover from last night. Had a dinnerparty with some of my university friends. To much red wine is not good for you :frowning:

Today was going to be hard, third time this week im doing squats! :smiley:

Workout A
Warmup 5 minutes on the eliptical.
Warmup drills with 17.5 kg barbell.
Squat 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 13 70 kg, 35 75 kg.
Benchpress 16 40 kg, 35 52.5 kg.
Deadlift 16 50 kg. 15 85 kg.

My quads feelt okey today helped alot to do foamrolling after last workout. My form was alot better, not ATG but breaking parallell by a bit.

Bench was weird, didn’t feel that my form was any good but the weight feelt light as a feathter and barspeed was good.

Deadlift feelt good! :smiley:
My form is getting better and better.

I used the supplement “Fierce” from Sans today. My store was all out of BETA-7 from Biotest and i needed a energy boost. Made me a little to hyped. Had to relax so I got enought rest between sets. For feeling like shit this morning very good workout.

Workout B today
5 min warmup on eliptical, plus warmup with a 17.5 kg barbell.
Squats 16 40 kg, 13 70 kg, 35 77.5 kg
Military press 1
5 37.5 kg, 25 35 kg.
Power clean 3
5 35 kg.

Decent workout, my squat is getting stronger and stronger. I put on too much weight for the first military press so i took away 2.5 kg for the last 2 sets.

Did like 10 min of foamrolling after my workout. It’s a great way of getting some much needed massage, my quads and gluts really need it.

I’m feeling like shit now, about 3 hours after my workout, no idea what it is. I just hope it goes away until next workout.

wiiwii out :smiley:

[quote]wiiwii wrote:
I’m feeling like shit now, about 3 hours after my workout, no idea what it is. I just hope it goes away until next workout.

wiiwii out :D[/quote]

What’s your diet like? How much do you weigh, and how many calories are you trying to take in? Are you eating well?

The eternal question :slight_smile:

My diet is decent i would say. Typical day (honest day)

07:30 meal 1 - breakfast
oatmeals with frozen blueberries about 100 g outmeals, i just pour in a normal sized plate. I also take antiimflamatory pills 120 g arcoxia + pills to help with stomach pains that the pills give me and fishoil. I also have a drink of fierce, wich has creatin and beta-alaine in it.
09:00 workout
10:15 meal 2 - proteinshake
12:00 meal 3 - It varies but can be something like chicken breast with white rise and some veggies.
15:00 meal 3 - fruit like banana or something, im allergik to alot of fruits so I don’t have alot of options, or i take a protein shake.

19:30 meal 4 - dinner try to eat salmon with potatoes and sourcream and red onion sauce. I love sauce :frowning: I also have sallads with every dinner. Have stuff like baby spinach, tomatoes, onion, avocado. I always dress the salads with olive oil and balsamic viniger.

21:00 meal 5 - if im a good boy i eat some fruit here if im not so good i eat something like chips or icecream.

I try to drink about 2 litres of water during the day, if I workout I drink about 3 litres. I might need more meals + need to lay of the late night snacks :frowning:
I have tried to cut out all form of fastfood out of my diet, but when I do eat at out, even if it’s good food I feel like shit :frowning: Might have been whats happening the last days.

I might need to sleep more, I don’t get more then 6 hours per day, or 8 hours during the weekends. Will try to get to bed earlier :smiley:

You’re probably eating about 2000 calories. Are you sure this is enough? Are you aware you need to be in a caloric surplus to build muscle ? Are you aware that if you’re training hard and eating like shit (not enough calories, ultimately), you’ll feel like shit?

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I would add some eggs to your first meal: about 5. That’s 350 additional calories and 25 grams of protein. I would also additionally add some carbs to your second meal. Eat another 50 grams of oatmeal. There, you’ve just added 500 additional calories a day and fixed two screwed up meals, IMHO. :slight_smile:

Try to get more sleep too. That’s probably easier said than done, given you’re a law student, though. :wink:

Keep an eye on your weight. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough. If you’re gaining too much, eat a little less. This is where knowing exactly what you’re eating comes in handy.

Thanks for the tips goochadamg, will look over my diet a bit more :smiley:
But since my weight has increased I think I’m eating enough but will try to work on meal 1 and 2.

Todays workout
workout A
5 min warmup on eliptical, some light warmup with a 17.5 kg barbell.
Squats 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 13 70 kg, 35 80 kg.
Benchpress 16 40 kg, 13 50 kg, 25 55 kg, 14½ 55 kg.
Deadlift 16 50 kg, 15 90 kg.

Today was good, my squatform is improving all the time. It’s hard to increase weights every workout in the squat since i squat 3 times a week. But right now it’s still going okey with the weight gains.

Bench was crap, or not crap but I hate that exercise! Most likely since i suck at it. been working on form and it has been improving, doing some scrappushups to help my shoulders. Should improve my bench a bit, but it has always been my weakest lift.

Deadlift feelt great! I am getting stronger and stronger. My posture has improved alot :slight_smile:
Problem is with my grip, i have problems gripping things im normal life like pencils and stuff like that. I’m going to see my doctor tomorrow and get new medicine since the antiimflamitory ain’t working :frowning: Will start to deadlift with straps since after i deadlift i can’t really grab anything for 2 days wich is having a effect on my normal life :frowning:

I did about 10 min of static stretching and 10 min of foamrolling. Foamrolling has really helped me with recovery and stiffnes! :slight_smile:

Time to go eat, me hungry! :smiley:

Today was a workout B day

5 min warmup on eliptical + warmup with a 20 kg barbell.
Squats 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 13 70 kg, 35 80 kg.
Military press 16 20 kg, 16 25 kg, 35 37.5 kg
Power clean 3
5 37.5 kg.
Did 10 min of static stretching and 10 min of foamrolling.

Last workout of the week and like last week my quads are fried from all that squating and it’s getting more of a mental game, have to get worked up to be able to squat. In Rippetoe’s program they want you to put on more weight each workout, I’m finding that I can’t do that for the squat. First workout of the week I will raise the weight, I will do the same during workout 2. But the last workout of the week I just try too squat with the same weight as workout 2, squating 10 kg more since I started two weeks ago.

I went to my doctor yesterday and he thinks I got a illnes called Psoriatic Arthritis. It is giving most of my mayor joints inflammations thats why im almost always in pain. My doctor gave me a low dose of cortison in pill form, 5 mg per day. Hoping that the combination of cortison and anti inflammatory pills will have a effect. Going to go see a phisical therapist next week, will see what she can do + the doc told me to do some water gymnastics :smiley:

If anybody has this illness or have done any training to help with this, I would love to hear your training programs.

Lift strong :smiley:

Workout A
Warmup 5 min on eliptical + 5 min warmup with a 20 kg barbell.

Squat 18 20 kg, 16 50 kg, 13 70 kg, 13 80 kg, 25 82.5 kg, 15 80 kg.
Bench 18 20 kg, 16 40 kg, 13 50 kg, 35 55 kg.
Deadlift 16 60 kg, 15 95 kg.

Squats where okey today, I had to lower the weight for the last set, I had problems with the 2nd set. Will try 82.5 kg next workout should be okey, form is getting better and better. My hips are hurting like hell when i squat, im doing stretching and foamrolling to try to help with recovery.

Bench was strong today. I think I could have gone heavier but since it’s my weakest lift I will go slowly with the weight increase, will try 57.5 on saturday.

Deadlift was good :slight_smile: Im getting close to 100 kg, will try on saturday. This is uncharted territory for me so will see how strong I am in the deadlift. Was the first time I used straps. It feelt weird lifting with them, but I can grip stuff now so i might just have to continue using them. I have started to work with a gripper (correct term?), doing it 2 times a week. Hopefully it will help improve my grip.

Time to eat big :slight_smile:

Today was a bad day, my meds made me feel sick all morning and I didn’t get enough sleep and the cherry on top was whitebread with jam for breakfast! So let’s see how today went :smiley:

Workout B today
Warmup 5 min eliptical and 5 min warmup with a 20 kg barbell.

Squat 16 20 kg, 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 13 70 kg, 35 80 kg.
Military press, 1
6 20 kg, 25 40 kg, 13 40 kg.
Powerclean 3*5 40 kg.

Legs feelt terrible, I had to use last weeks weight for squats 80 kg. It was a struggle hope I can get 82.5 kg next workout. Wanted to end the workout after the squats but decided to carry on. The military press went good, never pressed 40 kg before. Couldnt get the last 2 reps up, couldn’t press it up, will get it next time. Powercleans was great, feelt like I could have done atleast 10-15 kg heavier easy. Deadliftning has helped me alot, the barspeed is great getting it off the floor. Will see how much I can add next workout.

So it was a little of everything today, bad squating, decent pressing, good powercleans. Can’t get them all. I’m going to focus on 100 kg deadlift on saturday :smiley:

Eat big lift big :slight_smile:

Hey wiiwii, if you have hard time getting in enough calories i found this recepie(sp?) for a pretty good shake, its in the Bulking For newbies thread. Its something like this:

1.5 cup of plain yogurt
1 cup of raw oats (i use oldfashioned)
5 tablespoons of olive oil
2 scoops of whey protein powder.

This thing is like 1500 calories, its pretty much saves me when i have a very busy week at school. Hope it helps.

workout A
Warmup 5 min on eliptical, 5 min warmup with 17.5 kg barbell.

Squats 16 40 kg, 15 50 kg, 15 60 kg, 13 70 kg, 13 80 kg, 11 85 kg (PR), 35 82.5 kg.
Bench 1
6 40 kg, 13 50 kg, 13 55 kg, 11 60 kg, 35 57.5 kg
Deadlift 16 60 kg, 14½ 100 kg.

Decent workout, squats went better today then they have been for the rest of the week. Benching was good today also. Deadlift was okey, never lifted 100 kg before so that was fun, I couldnt get the last one up :frowning: I am going to ditch the straps they just annoy me so will go without them for a while. The downside is that i can’t bend my fingers at the moment, will see if more work with a gripper will help me.

Vasa: Thanks for the shake tips, it sounds nasty but 1500 calories seems nice.

I have upped my calorie intake, I should be eating around 3000 calories now. I drink 2 shakes per day + eating atleast 1 avocado per day and snack on sunflowerseeds.

Have a nice weekend all t-men and women :slight_smile:

It does sound nasty but it actually tastes pretty good, but you have to eat it with a spoon. Try it, if you don’t like it then you don’t have to eat it. Also i don’t recommend using Metabollic Drive in this shake because its too sweet, recommend using regular Grow! Whey

Workout B day
warmup 5 min on eliptical and some light work with a 20 kg barbell.
Squats 16 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 16 60 kg, 35 70 kg.
Military press 16 20 kg, 16 30 kg, 35 40 kg.
Power clean 1
5 40 kg, 5*3 45 kg.

I feelt like shit today, my medicine made me spend alot of time contemplating life in the bathroom :frowning:

I had 0 energi when I hit the gym, squats where no good at all. I focused on form when I did them. Military press was better then the last workout. Power cleans feelt decent considering.

Shit day but it’s soon over :slight_smile:

Workout A
Warmup 5 min on eliptical, light work with 20 kg barbell.
Squats 18 40 kg, 16 50 kg, 16 60 kg, 15 70 kg, 13 80 kg, 12 85 kg, 10 90 kg (failed pr attempt), 25 80 kg, 13 80 kg.
Bench 1
10 20 kg, 16 40 kg, 35 50 kg.
Deadlift 18 40 kg, 18 60 kg, 16 70 kg, 15 80 kg.

This was an okey workout, the failed PR attempt was a bit annoying, but I will get it on saturday! Squat form is improving, I am breaking parallell but i can’t for the life of me squat ATG, I fall backwards if I try to get superlow, any ideas to how to fix it?

Bench was decent, I still feel a bit weak so went with a little lighter weight then I could have done just to avoid anything.

Deadlift was form wise much better then before, I didnt round my back. Problem was when I did my reps at 80 kg that I got muscle spasms in my lower back, I had to stopp deadlifting after that.

All in all decent workout, I am getting stronger from workout to workout.

I got acupuncture yesterday and the physical therapist adjusted my back and neck, she said that I have neanderthal like shoulders and posture :frowning: So she worked on that with stretching. It might be what made me spasm today, but I don’t know.

Today I did some exercises in a swimming pool with hot water in it. My physical therapist says that it will help me get better mobility in my joints, wich should be good.

Long day time to go nap :smiley: