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Wii, PS3 Move, XBox Kinetic


I've only used the Wii, and never even played PS3 or XBox 360.

Since the 2 latter all have the moving component now, how do they stack up?

The Wii is fun, but if the PS3 can match it as far as the "movement" component goes, I'd think it would be hands down PS3.

thoughts? experiences?

I mainly only like to play racing and sports games, but looking for a console with the capabilities of the Wii


How the hell does the kinetic work w/o using a controller. Chip surgically attached to the rectum?


all the games for the Kinect look beyond gay


I own a Wii. And honestly, I find the 'moving component' of the Wii to be pitiful, even with the motion plus attachment (seriously, what's with the instructions telling me I have to bang the back of the controller on the back of my hand for it to 'calibrate'?). I imagine any camera based system (which the 360 & ps3 both are) will destroy it hands down; this is coming from experience working with some camera detection systems in a research lab.

Hm. I can't comment on racing games or sports games on the Wii but I'm sure they're definitely better on the other consoles. Wii graphics are pitiful, and games have been gimped in graphics AND features just to get a rush port to the platform. Some of the games on the Wii are fun, particularly multiplayer (Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros) or with those who don't often play games (Wii Sports Resort) but they're rare. There's far more fun games on, atleast, the xbox 360 (and PC, for that matter).

I'd personally buy an xbox 360 over the the ps3. It's far cheaper and has a much larger game library. Plus, screw Sony. :wink:


booooooo to all this motion gaming nonsense.


That's what I'm talking about. I swore up and down when the wii came out that it would have huge sales in the beginning then die.


he reviews a racing game in the video


None of the games look any good. THey all look like stupid sports simulators.


I read a lot of Engadget, but their review scores are fucking horrible, and so are a lot of their reviews. Seriously.

Every single person I've spoken to, that I know in real life, that's actually used a Kinect says it's awesome.


3 Microphones and 2 cameras, plus a lot of fucking genius technology to place you inside a room during the calibration, etc.

It's because the current lineup is aimed at the Wii market. Most of the Wii's games are shit like that too.

Xbox has a solid base of gamers, and they are looking to take away some market from the Wii. The initial batch of games is meant for that crowd. Think about how crazy kids are going to go for the technology and novelty - and not having to worry about remotes being flung into your TV set.

So, Wii - I wouldn't even bother anymore TBH.

Sony's offering is far ahead of it, they have better graphics, better games, a SOLID console experience and the Move is better than the motion controller available for the Wii.

The same goes for the 360, except that their approach is more unique. If you don't have a console and are looking for a full experience in gaming, I would personally recommend a 360 + Kinect. However, that is just my preference.

You will get more FPS games on the 360 vs more God of War type games on the PS3. Both very good consoles, it's up to you which to choose.


didn't read the rest of the thread.. but pop sci did a article on this actually... ps3 is by far the most accurate in all planes.. as well as super awsesome.. Then xbox was cool and pretty good.. then wii is just suck.


XBox 360 for the win!


$150 for the Kinect is alot =(


Looking forward to the first "I lost 100 pounds just by playing the Kinect" news story.


I have a Wii and a PS3. I wouldn't buy move because I already have a Wii and only play games like that when i'm with a bunch of people.


True, but bundled with the console it's $100 and the alternative (Move + 4 remotes) is more expensive.


I pretty much only play racing games, so I went with the PS3 originally. It's awesome, and the list of racing games on the console are fantastic.

That being said, the Wii is the undisputed master of party systems. Nothing beats drunken Wii sports.


the point of video games is for when you're too hung over to get off the couch. I dont understand the running on the spot and arm waiving games.

Thats what sports are for!


Ok I'll bump this, I'm trying to decide between the PS3 and Xbox for my kiddos. The movement game option is cool but I'm looking for which console will be better in the long run.


I picked up a new 360 + Kinect this weekend.

Trust me, your kids will LOVE Kinect; the technology is so cool and the games (as of right now) are ideal for kids.

Both consoles are great, the advantage PS3 has is Bluray. The 360 on the other hand offers a much more integrated and a great experience IMO.

You can't go wrong with either of them.