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WII Fit Replacing Weights



good god.


haha, priceless.

Too bad I own a PS3, huh?


You should have put your comment as "HOLY MACARONI!"
But very funny ahahah.


Woah! You're facing the other way! Wicked!



Some of the games for the fit are funny. Watching you're son nearly piss himself laughing because you can't do the ski jump game for the life of you is well worth the price of admission.

Although it keeps telling me I'm fat.


LoL, it took me 5 secs to realize it was on you the last post. Serially guys, where do you find that s**t?

edit: facebook, nevermind, I am way too slow today.


Yeah, I get a bunch of (overweight sedentary) friends telling me how much of a workout the Wii games are. Brother.


Any comments after yours?


Well, props to the girl who lost weight... I guess.



it honestly goes on for like 30 more comments about them discussing it. really unbelievable


It really is a miracle, though!

If you do something - anything - you'll get in better shape.

And what better way to discover that than dropping $90?

30 comments just doesn't do it justice. It should be more like... 300. Like those guys in that awesome movie that are super-ripped! Yeeeeaaaah.


my sister has one, I tried it when I visited her a few months ago. The fucking thing said I was 42 wii years old because I didn't balance perfectl


Some of my clients ask me about this all the time. I just stare at them.


gheyest thing ever


I'm so sorry, Rhino Jockey.

I'm in the process of getting certified, but I've been teaching guitar for years. I had a student two years ago (when Guitar Hero started rising uncontrollably) who would compare everything to the game and question some great guitarists' ability on GH, as if it were the more accurate marker of musical/technical prowess. He irked me so badly with that nonsense.


lol@ not everyone benched 335 pounds

why arent we facebook friends?

hahaha i just saw this

"i want the gold's gym workout it does more for the core"



No kidding.


hahahaha thats hilarious


shit, playing an hr on DDR will help loose more weight than an hr on the balance board.


The gold's gym comment cracked me up too. What's freakin wrong with people?