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Wifey Does The Trap Bar

I know there are a lot of strong women on this board, and some serious competitive lifters…I by no means wish to insult anybody by posting some of my wife’s lifting stuff over here, but she has come a long way.

back story…

wifey was a hs and college vollyball and bb player, when we met she was 31, and playing in a rec soccer league, and only doing cardio. I started her lifting weights and in about 3 years she got pretty darn strong.

255x3 raw deadlift with hook grip, 300lbs belt

225x3 raw squat (below parallel) and 300x1 belt and knee wraps

135 push press

155 bench press

then in her late 30’s the injuries started to accumulate, 2 severe hamstring tears, neck and shoulder issues, stress fracture in her pelvis, and to cap it off she had 3 orbital fractures when kicked in the face while down playing soccer.

heavy lifting has been out for 2-3 years, I have had her doing pretty much crossfit style stuff, with light weights or just bodyweight stuff in circuits for high reps.

last 2 months, the hip and hamstring have been doing better, and she has started squating and doing trap bar deadlifts with some “real” weight as of late.

recently she did 165x10 in the squat 100% raw.

today she hit a 230lb trap bar deadlift for 3 reps. she also did 250x1, but i had camera issues and missed that one.

here is the 105kg x 3:


like I said, I by know means am trying to brag that the misses is something special as far as lifting goes, especially on this forum with all the very good lifters here, I am just proud of her as for the longest time, after having to go through physical therapy, cortico-steroid injections, and aggressive medical pain management, she thought that she would never be able to lift “heavy” again, if at all.



Good for her. I’m a sucker for a comeback story. She locks those out like she means it :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to get a trap bar for lower body work. I think I’ll get on that.

never was much of a fan of the trap bar…did not see the point. thought it was sort of a gimmick. sort of like a leg press, something that you can stack lots of plates on, more than you can squat and deadlift with, and feel stronger than you really are.

my opinion of this has changed obviously, after trying one for a while then buying one for my garage.

not sure how to describe it…sort of like a squat, but easier on the knees, sort of like a deadlift, but easier on the back?

whatevs…it is a good way to get some decently heavy axial loading on a big multi-joint compound movement.

That’s awesome and her explosive hip power is great. Does she want to compete?

Awesome!! Love to hear stories like that :slight_smile:
Cheers to many more lifting years :slight_smile:

she competed about 5-6 years ago… 300-155-300, has no desire to compete now…just likes to lift and be strong.

Brag away heavythrower! Your woman is hella strong with tons of determination. Love it!

That’s your garage?! You lucky SOB…

i love it when dudes brag about their ladies!! And you have reason too!!:slight_smile: I’m glad she’s back at it with a vengence! and your garage rules!

thanks… my lady will appreciate it…and thanks on the compliments on my garage.

all my stuff is real basic, but high quality.

pendlay next gen bearing bar, 510lbs of york and pendlay bumpers, another 280lbs of metal plates, efs ghr, efs prowler 2, iron mind vulcan squat/dip/chin racks, 125lbs of chain, db up to 100lbs, iron mind bench, efs trap bar as well of course…all basic but good stuff.

Inspiring story. It’s great that you can enjoy lifting together.

I wondered if that’s her rear jiggling on your avatar but now I know she has buns of steel!

Oh, and I’m a beginner but I like the trap bar. I think being able to hold your hands in the natural position at the sides keeps things simple/ there are less confounding variables maybe?

her but is similar the one in my avatar…hehehe

trap bar:

keep the center of gravity of the load directly on your axial skeleton… thus improving levers, less stress on neck, upper and lower back?

that is my guess.

and I agree about the grips being in neutral position, that is part of the equation too.

just a few days ago… wifey hit a 125lb push press. this was sweet, as it is only 10lbs form her all time best…and she missed the first rep…hung in and gutted it out and hit the on the second try.

ps: I said “115lb” in the video, but I miscounted… 45lb bar, 25lb bumper plate, 10lb, and 5lb each side = 125lbs.

hmmm… lets try that again…

that pushpress is golden :slight_smile:

she looks so happy to have locked it too! good stuff.

Sweet jesus! 125 PP is awesome!! I’d kill for that.

Her smile is priceless :slight_smile: Great stuff HT! Have the wifey join the compound! Strong women much appreciated in these parts!

Your wife is adorable… and wickedly strong.

i love it when dudes brag about their ladies!! And you have reason too!!:slight_smile: [/quote]

Yeah this thread rocks for that reason.

I love a woman pushing up weight like that and then giggling like a schoolgirl! :smiley:

Tell your wife she rocks.

Tough lady to overcome such setbacks and still kick ass. As Deb says, she does indeed rock.

thanks guys…I will show her this thread.

she is so self conscious(especially about her weight) she would never post on her own…so I post for her.

this week will be an easy deload, and then I predict the all time pr of 135 will fall again!

btw…she just hit 185x2 DEEP and 100% RAW in the squat. I’ll post that one later.

happy Easter!

She’s going to make you change your avi if you show here this! :smiley: