Wife's sex drive

Wondering if anyone on the t-mag forum have any suggestions for increasing my wife’s sex drive. We have an 18 month old child, and ever since she gave birth, her drive is almost nil. Any suggestions (supplements, herbs, etc.) would be appreciated.

Is it physical, or emotional?
I’m not sure about horny goat weed… but a new liquid…"Doctor’s liquid labido is supposed to work for men & women (you see ads in BB magazines… maca the south american root is a posibility… have her go to the Dr for a testosterone test… women with low test have a low labido… so things that elevate “T” may help…but research a supplement before allowing her to use it.

Dude, You may have a hornets nest in your shorts! Your lady is probably fried from taking care of little Huey! Usually sex is the last thing she wants when shes been cooking, working, feeding, cleaning. You may want to consider getting her a mental health break. Get Mom or neighbor to baby sit little spartky while you take her on a date. When was the last time you brough her flowers without hoping to get laid? Her state can be anywhere from burnt out to post partum depression, hopefully not the latter. Start with old fashioned romance, dating, back rubs, Definetely get sitter or if the little nipper likes grandma, ship him/her off for an overnighter. Good luck!

Mommy needs to catch up on her sleep, plain and simple!.. Her
neurotransmitter levels and her hormone levels are shot from
getting up in the middle of the nite to do Mommy things and the
endless barrage of chores that you may have never even realized

So here’s the sinister plan: for the next few days, YOU get up during
the middle of the nite and feed the little one…also assume a few
more of the household chores like cooking, cleaning, and shopping.
On the 3rd day, drop the baby off with Grandma or your Aunt Rose
for the day…Then get the Lovely Lady out of the F#@ing house and do
something, for Christ’s sake!..She needs to get away, really bad!
Now, when you get home, tell her you’re going to take a long hot
shower. (Make sure she’s close by when you do this!)

Now, if my hunches are correct, within 2 minutes she will climb in
there with you, all randy and ready to recreate the shower scene
from "Wild, Nasty, Sex-starved Nymphos from Hell " … The only
problem is that you just might be too drained from all the cooking,
cleaning, and shopping, and getting up in the middle of the nite to
do anything ! (Then you’ll know how she feels!)

Mac and Joey Z-Ohmygod!! Men who have a clue! Good for you guys, sounds like you have spent some quality time with the rugrats.

What makes you say these men have a “clue”? Do you even know the full situation of the guy that asked the question? You are assuming that he is just some horny guy who is trying to get his wife in the mood so he can satisfy his urges. This may be true, but you don’t know. He and his wife may have sat down and talked about the issue. She may have asked him to do a little checking around to see what he could find as far as supplements. Don’t “assume” the guy is just being selfish. So, the above “may” apply, as far as your wife needing a little R&R. However, the following “may” apply as well. My girlfriend’s sex drive diminished for a period too. I gave her a couple of squirts a day of a topical andro for 4 days. It helped too, she got her sex drive back. I lose my sex drive now and then too, That and I’m only 25. I have done the same thing, used topical andro’s and they worked great for me.

It is a well-known fact that women’s libido goes way down after having a child. It is nature’s way of ensuring that the child is well taken care of before the woman goes and gets pregnant again. I would wait this period out and keep in mind that it is natural. Don’t force anything and it should get better with time. Meanwhile, stock up on the porn videos :wink: