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Wife's Nutrition During Labor


My wife is very pregnant and the baby should be here any day now . . . so my wifes doctor just told us to get several bottles of gatorade for my wife to drink while she is in labour. She said it was good for keeping her hydrated and keeping her energy levels up. labor

So started thinking, if gatorade is good wouldnt Surge be even better?

what do you guys think. any reasons not to use Surge?

edit added:
i of course intend to ask the doctor, i just wanted alternate oppinions


I don't see why not, however labor is such an intense and individual thing she may not want anything or may feel strongly about one thing and not another. Have a few options available for her and hang on for a wild ride - good luck!


With both kids, we were told no food for wifey...Recommendation- on the way to the hospital, stop and get her something to eat. She won't be able to eat until well after the baby is delivered(and placenta is delivered, and any stitches which may be required are finished). If this is your first, this could be several hours.

Like Jillybop said, labor is a very intense experience for some women, so she may not want something too heavy(never drank Surge, just basing it off other MRPs). If you go with the Surge, I would make it kind of thin so it is easier on her stomach. You don't want her nauseous and vomiting during labor.


ok - ill have a whole slew of stuff on hand :slightly_smiling:

the doc said that they have just recently changed guidelines and that some liquids are ok for labour now. Gatorade is what she recomended, but she also said juices would be ok too.

Just seems like when your going through this intense experience that lasts 15+ hours, it would be good to have something that would give you a good amount of energy per sip and that would mean use the Surge.


It might last 15+ hours, it might last 15 minutes. You just don't know! I think you have the right idea, though.


Does she even like Surge?

Having choices are great, but Surge can be an acquired taste. Get her what she likes, even if you think it's crap.




powerlifters use this for after weighing in at meets:


found basically anywhere.


New idea for Biotest:

Surge Pregnancy Fuel


That's funny!

While I was in labor with my second, all I wanted was water and ice chips, and then I threw up during transition..good times.

My point is, bring it, if she wants it, why not?! But she might not..


Surge makes you feel full. She's not going to want it.


Hey just use Surge Workout Fuel I hear that it's great..... oh wait we still can't buy it.


its funny that you say that. i have been trying to get her to try it ever since i thought of the idea a couple days ago. So far she is not having any of it. I got her take liquid fish oil on a daily basis, but she wont try Surge? :shrugs: Oh well, the intention was good, but this probably wont work out.

ill look at the pedialyte
what makes pedialyte preferable to gatorade for powerlifters?


The cute little bear. Powerlifters are motivated by the cute little bear.