Wife's 1000 lb Total

Incoming shameless brag post…

Long time lurker, new poster. My wife Erin Stanton joins the 1000 club with a 403 squat, 171 bench, 429 dead lift going 9/9 attempts. Erin is now ranked as one of the top female raw lifters. 403 squat is the new apa world record and the oregon all time state record including equipped.

Dead Lift is the APA world record and all time state record. Total is an APA world record and all time state record. Erin is a drug free lifter out of Elite Performance Center.

Video of squat and deadlift. No bench press footage:

Extremely impressive! That was a legit squat too–great depth. Congrats to her.

As an aside, I loved that fact that, despite her formidable build and ‘game face,’ she ran off the platform like a giddy schoolgirl after successfully pulling the DL.

Well done!

Tell her congrats!!! You are a proud husband for good reason! :wink: