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Wife Witnessed A Crime


Well my wife yesterday morning was leaving the gym, one of the guys and friend of ours was driving in front of her. A small 4 door Toyota pulls in front of him and she is of course stopped behind him. She watches as the guy gets out talks to our friend and suddenly starts punching him in the face.

Come to find out it is a police officer is in an unmarked car who ordered our friend out of his car, our friend refused until a marked car showed up. He was then attacked. My wife of course is sitting there watching the whole thing, I just got her the new Evo so she didnt know how to get the camera going that fast.

Now our friend is a father of two little girls ages 2 and 3 married and is upper middle class. He was pulled over because he was told he was swerving, he had just left the crossfit workout. He went to jail of course, car towed and did not receive medical care. His wife said his car was covered in blood on the inside door panel and dash.

We live in Houston by the way. Now my wife of course will be pulled in as a witness, she is worried about repercussions to our family for testifying against the police. Scary times we live in.




^ Now that you are in Utah safe and sound you can say that. Man my wife is not a weak woman, but this kind of freaked her out. Hell that could have been me very easily. Mornings I get done lifting at the house and drive to work I have the shakes.


Shit like this is why I left TX, and the US for a while, back in '01. I'm sorry all of you will have to endure this.


I predict that her testimony won't change anything.

Keep us posted.


I had a similar situation long ago where a friend was beaten by the cops. They thought he was someone else. I was a witness and gave a sworn statement as to what happened but we lived out of state. Basically the cops got away with it and he was convicted of resisting arrest.

Unless she recorded the incident her testimony is worthless. If she did record it she may be arrested for recording a cop.

Wake up America before it is too late. End the drug war. Fire half the cops.


all she can do is tell the truth. It doesnt matter how it makes anyone look. Just keep a record of everything.


Unfortunately, I think this is the case as well.


First, fuck the police. Now I feel better.

I see very little risk testifying against these cocksuckers as the same would be a matter of public record and if you were the victims of any harassment, the animus and motive would be clear. You guys should talk to the prosecutor's office and discuss your concerns with them. And by the way, stand up for what's right and testify against those filthy cowardly cocksuckers. We surrender many powers to them...we should hold them to the highest standard. If people do not stand up, then those filthy cowardly cocksuckers are free to practice their terrorism on anyone.


That is a horrible situation. I wish you, your family, and your friend all the best in these trying times. You'll be in my prayers.


This can subject her to harassment from the cops. Testifying against cops is a serious matter.

I wouldn't want to discourage her but she should consider the consequences. If she is squeaky clean she should be OK. If she smokes a little pot, has unpaid parking tickets etc. they could make her life hell, arrests, strip searches etc. It happens.


The wife and I agree, our worry is for our friends of course. These are good, normal people. But ourselves also, not to dramatize but cops talk, are we looking at harrassment issues?


LOl, about the pot thing.

My wife is a family nurse practitioner that works for a neuro-oncologist at Memorial herman hospital and she is the only Oncology FNP in the whole system, which is the third largest employer in the greater Houston area. She is the poster child for squeaky clean, member of church, local member of the animal rights group. She drives a BMW X5 for christ sake.


She should just tell the truth

It wont matter though, Rules/Laws simply do not apply to cops

Is it right? No, its just the way it is.

Sorry your wife had to see that.

Hope your friend the best, its prolly best not to even fight it maybe try to settle out of court.


That's why we share her my eskimo brother!

All jokes aside, I think you guys should do the right thing in this situation but proceed with extreme caution. Even if it your friend gets the shaft in criminal court her testimony could come in handy for a civil trail.

If she needs a place to hold up until the trial you know she is MORE than welcome to crash at my pad... she should already have a set of keys.


Okay but what if a convection will cost him his lively hood? I would lose my license to practice medicine with that type of convection. I do not know exactly what he does, something with the port authority. Would you just roll over and take it?

This is not fantasy life we are talking about.


Fucker, lol.

Since she called me yesterday about it I keep running it through my head. Putting myself in his situation and then I think about the situation we are in in regards to this. I watch to many movies and I know real life is a far cry from that. Still its fucked up.

Saturday I worked out with this guy and his wife, his kids were running around the building afterward and we were all sitting around talking. HE GOT JACKED for nothing.


I mean I don't know the entire situation so I can't comment specifically.

Generally, if he didn't do anything too malicious they will allow you to plead guilty to a lesser charge (hopefully misdemeanor) just to move the case along and avoid unnecessary court time. He should definitely lawyer up.

Just seems to me trying to fight he said she said with two cops as witnesses is going to be throwing money/time/stress at a lost cause.

What exactly is he being charged with?


Sorry BG missed this, we always do the right thing. My wife is shocked right now that this could happen, however knowing the latina that she is next comes the anger. And katy bar the door when she gets pissed she is something to worry about.


My wife was the person to notify his wife about what happened. He is still in jail and has been charged with assault on an officer and resisting arrest. HE DID NOT do anything. He was sitting in his car, how do you assault someone standing outside your car window? This event happened in a few seconds, she of course could not hear what was being said. However what the hell could he have said to make a cop suddenly start punching him in the face?