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Wife Wants Me Off Tren

I’m a cruiser with occasional blasts of tren or anavar. Wife and I have been fighting alot and she blames it on the Tren. Says its adding to my anger issues. Problem is I LOVE tren! I can eat anything I want, dries me out, leans me up, increases vascularity, etc. The only thing I dont like about Tren is the night sweats. I leave my sheets soaking every morning.

Anybody else have these issues with Tren and anger?

The night sweats are so shitty.

I know a lot of people have anger issues with Tren, particularly tren ace. Honestly, there are so many other options out there, I would just use something else, if it’s a burden on your marriage. If you’re a very high level bodybuilder/lifter, then I can see how you could find tren to be irreplaceable, but for most of us with slightly more modest aspirations, other options can get us the same results without the negatives that tren often brings.

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Tren makes me feel like a teenager again…but no I’m definitely not a high level BB. More like an old Powerlifter LOL

What other options would you suggest? Bearing in mind I just ordered 10 vials of Test Eth!

Hard to know how to advise you, given that I don’t know much about your cycle history. I’ve only read through a few of your previous posts.

My focus is also on powerlifting, so I can tell you what I’ve preferred since I started. For strength gains, Test-only with an oral or 2 stacked on top can be pretty fucking fantastic. You can run test pretty high without running into major side effects, as long as you’re running an AI with it. A gram of test is pretty great (I don’t know what doses you’ve run before).

I also love dbol for the feeling. Halo, for short periods of time leading up to a meet, is without a doubt the best drug I’ve tried. It’s insane. Epistane has been good to me as well, both for strength and a bit of body recomp. I get slightly leaner, and a bit more vascular when I run it. The results are pretty quick.

My next cycle will be Test and EQ. I’ve never run EQ before, so I can’t speak directly to its effects, but I’ve been advise that it will be pretty great. Probably gonna run test at 500 and eq at 500 to start, and end up at a gram of test with it. And of course I’ll run at least 1 oral for most of the cycle.

Just some thoughts.

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Thanks brother! I run 600 mg/Test Ethanate every 4 days…i know its alot for a cruise but I’ve been doing it for a while now and i feel great, lots of energy, libido, mood, etc. I also take 20 mg Nolva ED. Had some issues with nipple tenderness and acne in the past so its important i control my E

A friend gave me the tren to add, so I dropped my test to 300 and added 250 mg tren every 4 days. Like I said before, I loved it but i guess it alters my mood.

At my age (51) not really looking to add mass anymore as I have too many injuries and just want to stay lean and healthy. I’m am interested in EQ also…maybe the next time I run a blast.

Cruising at a gram of test a week sounds a little crazy. You ever do bloodwork?

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Not for a long time. I know I should but…

with that said, I feel awesome, staying lean, certainly dont look like most 51 years olds, etc

I will also say that my natural test is in the basement and I was on Dr. controlled TRT for years and years but they never cared about how i felt, just what my numbers were. they also did very little to control my estrogen levels.

Holy hell. Get bloodwork. Like, tomorrow. running a gram to ‘cruise’ sounds like a bad idea… I can’t imagine what a blast would be at that level. I don’t think what you’re doing is truly sustainable. It’s possible that you can get away with it, much in the way a smoker CAN live until they’re 90. That doesn’t mean it’s likely.

It’s also the case that you’re ruining your ‘set point’ for testosterone. You’re putting yourself in a position where you will no longer be able to get the results you want out of lower doses. I think you should correct this asap. I wouldn’t cruise above 300-400, and that’s on the absolute highest end. I cruise at 250.

It’s too bad that your old doc didn’t manage your estrogen. That’s stupid. That’s likely why TRT didn’t make you feel the way it should have.

If health is truly a priority, I think you’re making a mistake. Please be careful.

I lol’ed at ‘certainly don’t look like most 51 year olds’. Of course you fucking don’t haahahha.


Definitely appreciate your comments. I agree I do need to know my levels. I’ve been cruising at these levels for about 2 years. Also on Armour thyroid (prescribed) and and give blood regularly to keep my RBC down.

Jesus H Xmas, don’t try and tell yourself that you “cruise” on a gram. What you do is blast constantly.

Ay caramba. You’ll have blood like cold molasses.

If John Meadows can maintain his muscle mass on 300mg test/week then I’m pretty sure you can too.


If your natural levels are greater than 500 then it is reasonable that you only need 200-300 a week to elevate to 1000+, however my natural levels were below 200. therefore it makes sense that i need more to maintain a level at 1000+. As for the blood thickness, when i donate, i fill the bag in a heartbeat. faster than most. just sayin…

rationalise it any way you want, dude. A gram a week is ludicrous.

It’s your life man and I don’t judge, but I’d be careful. I lurk a few boards where the dudes who stay on the kinds of doses you’re running hang out, and there have been a LOT of heart attacks.

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dude, your math doesn’t make any sense…

your natural production doesn’t really have anything to do with the testosterone levels you’ll get from supplementing exogenous testosterone. most guys are around 500-600 when they take 100 mg a week, and 200 mg/wk usually maxes out guys in the high-normal range. (to be clear-once you take an outside androgen, it doesn’t “add to” your current levels. your HPTA recognizes it and drops your own production to get you back to where you were.)

if you really wanna know, then get bloodwork done and see where you’re at…

if you really wanna fine-tune your TRT, then i suggest going over to the TRT forum and read everythign KSman has posted there…


basically what cyco said, but I’ll second it. Your reasoning is poor. Taking 1000mg/week doesn’t raise your level to 1000 + whatever your natural production is. Your natural production ceases, and your actual level becomes something closer to 4000 or so, because over several weeks it builds up to, and stays, at that. I can assure you that you would discover this if you got bloodwork that revealed your actual testosterone level. (you have to get the right test, one that will count up to at least 5000.)

You seem to be a nice guy, but your ignorance in this regard is astounding.

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