Wife Wants Me Off the Gel

Hi All. I’ve been using T Gel for ~2 months and have been getting FANTASTIC results (except the bloat).

I’m beyond careful in my application, clean/wash up, allowing to dry, following up with a pass of lotion, clean/wash up, then putting on my t-shirt after the lotion has been absorbed also. This is all done in the morning when my wife/child are asleep.

Now my wife is concerned about possible transfer. There’s a long “back story” to this and it’s due to relationship problems that started a year ago - but forget all that, she’s zoomed in on the gel and wants me to switch to injections.

So yeah - we’ve been together 15 years, have a 4.5 year old son together - and of course I’m going to make the switch (although it’ll ultimately be useless as she’ll find the next “problem” to focus in on…but that’s another story).

My questions:

  1. Since I’ve been getting REALLY great results on the gel, is it possible that I switch to injections and see less stellar results? Possibly more negative side effects?

  2. I now have to get a blood test with Low T in order to get prescribed (my gel is self-prescribed). How long would I need to be off the gel after using for 2 months in order to get my T to come in low? The doc I’m seeing says he can put me on if I’m less than 700/1100 on the Total T for their test.

Has anyone had similar problems with their wife wanting them off the gel as well?

Idk if it would matter but if it was me I’d go get my total, free, and E2 checked right now so I know what numbers accompanied such a great feeling.

I switched from gels to injections five years ago because of the transfer to my wife. It didn’t matter what time of day I used the gel or when I showered. She wound up with abnormal T results on a blood test.

No. Contrary to exaggeration and delusion–which is common when discussing TRT online–side effects are unlikely with proper dose of TRT.

You should ask your doctor how long you should take off. When I wanted to get approved for HCG through insurance years ago, I stopped using injections temporarily for two weeks.

I don’t mean to sound sarcastic to all on this board, but it amazes me how much faith people have in online posters versus their doctors.

Are doctors who prescribe TRT and fertility drugs that lacking in communication and I am just lucky to have a great one?

Yes, you are just lucky. It can be tough t find someone who actually knows much in the field, it’s still an emerging thing. There are great doctors, and anyone wanting to do TRT should find one and not rely on whomever the trip over. My personal experience with MD’s and Endo’s is that you need to know what’s going on and decide if they know what they are doing or screwing you around. I needed surgery a year and a half ago for a rare but serious condition, that a PA, a PCP (GP) an endo and an ear,nose and throat guy all missed. I ended up going to a specialty clinic and paying $20k out of pocket to get fixed. So, while anything we say should be taken with a grain of salt, everything posted can help the individual educate themselves and pursue good treatment.

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Good post. I understand and empathize.

Used gel for a month then switched. I inject every day and it’s so much more convenient and stable.

Go to scrotal cream … injections are better than gels. Scrotal cream is better than gel.

Google and YouTube scrotal. Learn about it and use it.

I would love to connect w/ Defy and go w the Scrotal cream, however, my wife most likely will have the same concern about it getting passed onto her and my son. Right now the gel goes on my shoulders, and the cream goes on the scrotum…I know there’s a difference, but she’s concerned in general with towels, clothing, laundry, etc. I think injection is my only way to go and not put my wife into a worried state regardless of how insanely careful I am with application and clean up.

I see the problem and it’s not the T gel, suggest your wife could use a hormone panel to check for deficiencies. It seems men get all the attention in the hormone department, when was the last time you seen a women on this forum asking for assistance with a hormone panel?

It’s rare, as if women can’t have hormonal issues as well.

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LOL you guys are funny. These days everyone has google and I’m sure if you search “testosterone gel transfer” the first few pages are going to include verbiage that would concern most women and especially if there’s a 5 year old boy in the house.

When I started using the gel I had told her if transfer ever becomes a concern to you that I’d switch, so now gotta stick to my words. We’ll see!

I would wait at least 3 weeks to get the blood test from your new doc. Longer if you can stand it. Believe me you will know when your T is low.
I also loved gels but could not afford them so I went to T cyp injections twice a week.
Good luck sounds like you got your hands full with this wife. Try to find a doc that lets you do self injections. You don’t care how much he tells you to take just start really low like 80-100mg/wk. Wait 5-6 weeks. Then but a mini blood test to see wherer you are.

Maternal instincts, maybe this is a fight you cannot win, better go with the injections asap. You don’t want your 5 year old walking around with an erection which is exactly what could happen as unbelievable as it sounds.