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Wife Wants as Seen on TV Workout


She will only do something with all the ads and pretty images and promises. She has her eyes on this 10 minute ab workout by Beach Body or a 24 minute workout by Advocare. She won't listen to me but of course but will follow a program like this. Any suggestions? SHe just has to find something that has nothing to do with me.


What are her goals? Weight loss? Building muscle? She realizes that what she sees on TV is pure marketing, right? The models probably never use the equipment they are trying to sell!


Fat Loss. She won't listen to me but will follow a stranger. Oh, and I don't make things fun. She is stubborn


P90X works for fat loss if you follow the diet it comes with. I'd say for canned fat-loss programs its probably one of the better ones out there.


That makes me laugh, been there. You could be the strongest guy she has ever met, have a BF of 5%, a body like a Greek God and because you share the same pillow with her, you're a dumbass!

Well from one dumbass to another, let her do her thing and keep your mouth shut, it will run its course. Just be happy she's doing something and who knows, she may start feeling better about herself. Maybe even good enough to put on that teddy she hasn't had on in quite some time.