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Wife Training for 1st PL Meet in November


Im going to post up training videos for her. She is a bit shy and for some reason doesn't wanna do it her self but hey she is making awesome progress. Her first meet is November in Memphis TN. She has been training in the gym for about 8 months or so now but only lifting for strength the last 2 months.

22 Years old
5'2" or so she says.
135lbs currently trying to get down to 120

Current Max:
Squat: 155lbs
Bench: 100lbs
Deadlift: 200lbs

Goals for Novemmber
Squat: 190lbs
Bench: 110lbs
Dead: 225lbs
body weight: 125lbs


Today Kristi killed 200lbs from the floor first for the first time.


130lbs Squat for 6.


Had a Bench session today at the Rush. Kristi looked very solid today great form and finally learning how to stay tight and use leg drive and stability.

Bench Press: 75lbs for 2 sets of 3 and 1 set of 9
Pause Bench Press 65lbs for 8
Wide Pulldown: 70lbs for 4 sets of 10, 85lbs for 1 set of 6 + 1 assisted rep for max time hold.
Hammer Curl:15lbs for 4 sets of 12


Cool! You two make for one strong couple lol.


Thanks Csulli Ill let her know Iam hoping she will start updating this now that I have it rolling would be good for her to help her kinda come out of her little shell


Fun and YAY for her!!! Tell your wife (from someone who did her first meet in April), it is worth the mental and physical work. I loved the experience and am looking forward to doing it again. Best of luck with the goals -- those squats looked pretty easy :slightly_smiling:


You're doing the NBS meet ? :slight_smile: Sweet Well she is! Awesome man, can't wait to see the turn out!


I will definetly let her know and thank you for the kind words


Yeah if I'm not mistaken that is the meet she will be doing I'm still up in the air about it there is a strongman comp pretty much the same time but, I will probably do it just help her be up on the platform with someone she knows and hopefully she cam get over her stage fright. She is a very good lifter and only getting better but has the absolute worst dlfear of being in front of people.


I'm not sure what the turn out will be at this moment, should check with Jesse. However there's a lot of good people here at NBS and there will be some good women competing too. She'll have a blast, you guys should come check it out when you can. Meet some of us, it'll help her probably.

Also are you doing the TN strongest man in Nashville with Martin W? We hosted it at NBS last year but it was so short notice we didn't get enough notice out to people.


I loved her deadlift, she's just so casually getting set up and ripped it up nicely. She'll be much stronger by the meet for sure!


Good for her ! Which RUSH do you train at? Her sumo setup is good, love that she picks up her toes and settles into her heels for the pull, also flexing the hamstrings...all good setup form.


We only occasionally train at the Rush but when we do its the one in Hixson or Downtown Chattanooga. Thanks for the complement I love her set up to its just so casual. We are total opposites I get super pissed off and she looks like she could just take a nap and then all a sudden explodes haha something super sexy about it.


Squat day today at Train Station. Kristi had a great day breaking more than a few PRs.

Squat: worked up to 130 for 2 sets of 5 and 1 set of 8. She says she had 2 or 3 in her but it was 2 rep PR so just had her call it for next week.

Barbell Row: 5 sets of 8 with 95lbs

Wide Pulldowns: 4 sets of 8 with 80lbs

Hammer Curls: 4 sets of 8 with 15lbs.


Bench Day today at the Rush. Kristi looked very good today espeacially for her. Bench is her major weakness atleast according to her but I think it is right on track compared to he other lifts.

Bench Press: Worked up to 80lbs for 2 sets of 5 and 1 set of 8+1 ( the last rep her ass flew off the bench )
Took a few mins and went up to 90lbs for a easy single. Then 100lbs and barely missed. Not to bad for not ever going heavy on Bench.

Tricep Straight Bar Pressdown: 5 sets of 10 with 35lbs
Delt Raises: 3 sets of 12: with 12.5lbs
Assisted Dips: 1 set of 5 with -60lbs and 1 set of 8 with -70lbs.


Give her a high-five from me. Also, I struggle with bench quite a bit. I don't have super long arms but I have a smallish chest, a pretty weak upper body, and slightly longer arms (relative to my height) so bench and I have a love/hate relationship. One thing that helped me quite a bit, was to learn to slow it all down. Since you have to wait for the command at a meet (press command), it might be helpful (since it is early on in your training) to have K slow down the movement a tad to really get her form down (what is most comfy, efficient, etc. AND what she can replicate consistently). Slowing it down a bit also helped me to feel like I had higher levels of control related to pushing the stupid bar and managing the weight. I am still a very, very novice bencher in terms of what I push, but working on form and figuring out what works for me has made bench a lot more fun! Yay for you both :slight_smile:


We are def going to start working on pause reps asap. But she really wants to hit 110lbs before she starts working on the pausing. Just to build confidence. We figure at this rate she will hit that in roughly 5 weeks. Which will then give us 8 weeks to be able to press it with a perfect pause. But I agree completely with everything you said and will def let her know. Thank you for your kind words. She honestly lights up like a little kid on Christmas reading the positive feed back and is really helping her.


Speed and Technique Squat work

Back Pause Squats: 95lbs for 10 sets of 2

Lying Leg Curls: 60lbs for 3 sets of 12

Ab Table Crunches: 4 sets of 15


Fist bumps!