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Wife Took a Loan from Her Sister


My wife and I were just married. It was a nice wedding but nothing over the top.

Long story short....My wife just imformed me that she got a $10k loan from her sister 3 months before the wedding to pay for it. All of this time she had told me her parents were helping out. I paid $5000, my parents gave us $5000 and I thought her parents were giving the difference. $10k may not seem like alot to some but it is to us. She has to pay like $500 per month for 2 years to pay it off.

Short of strangling her, how would you handle the situation.


Obviously your only recourse is to kill her.


Have you tried hitting her?

Also, pics of wife so we can determine if she's worth keeping around.



Standard around here.

Tite booty sex makes up for a whole lotta booooshit!


Just deal with it.

She obviously really wanted to get married:)


I don't know how I'd handle the situation without more info but I can tell from your post per year average that it had a big impact on you. I guess what's done is done and you'll have to deal with the extra living expense for the next 2 years. If you haven't already, I'd have a talk with her to stress the importance of discussing these kinds of financial decisions in the future before being acted on as they affect not just her. Unless she was going to shoulder the debt in its entirety by taking on an extra job so it wouldn't affect family finances or family life.

[edit] Oh, I just thought I'd throw it out there that I don't have any photos proving that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to finances. So take that into account.


Your fucked now, you're gonna pimp her out.


BE VERY WATCHFUL! It sucks that already she has deceived you. Congrats on the marriage, but there is one single thing you now know you need to watch for. She has demonstrated the ability to get into debt and not tell you about it until it's done. This breaks many marriages.

I would lay down the law of understanding that NOTHING is borrowed from ANYONE unless you both consent.


Says the blind man who has his balls eventually in a jar in your very own man purse purchased by the wifey!


Sleep with your wife's sister in return for debt forgiveness. This will have the bonus of teaching your wife a valuable lesson.


Spoken in truth.... and experience?

I agree, Rock.

By the way, OP, you both should have eloped. Weddings (especially big ones) are a HUGE waste of money, and are just a big show of nothing. It's the day after that the real work begins... as you have just discovered.


She doesn't have to pay back the money if the sister is dead...just sayin.


20K on a wedding? Ouch. I just had a large and very well done wedding for half that. She may be both a liar and a poor planner.

I personally think the lying is a bigger deal than the money.


Invent a Snuggie with a hole in the crotch for masturbation... I still dont understand why you would need a blanket with arm holes if you cant jack off in it...


We haven't even seen the bill for this wedding. It could have been in excess of 20K and her parents may have actually kicked in something in addition the borrowed money and the money posted by OP and his parents.


Yep...and that is why you can't trust her. How's that prenupt?


I find this pretty horrifying.

Its already been said but aren't you terrified of having your finances/credit tied to someone who is reckless and dishonest when it comes to borrowing?

I'd get a divorce.


Bottom line, if she did that weeks before a wedding....gee, I wonder what things she DIDN'T mention.

I bet that bachelorette party was off da HOOK!


oh god I lol'ed.

Your sister in law is a dumbass no offense.

What kind of dipshit loans 10k to someone for a wedding? Let alone when they can't easily pay it back?

Oh and your chick lied, and f-ed you in the A. Sorry dude, but you need to figure shit out. I wouldn't trust my wife.

Honestly I'd rather she fucked another dude than got me into debt I couldn't get out of... Cheating only hurts my emotions and wallet once for a divorce. Debt hurts me once a month for a long ass time.


Absolutely fucking agree. My wife and I got married by ourselves at a place called The Hitching Post. It wasn't a true elopement, as we sent announcements and all, but it was just the two of us and it might have cost 50 bucks. My company paid for our night in the honeymoon suite at The Resort in Coeur 'd Alene. So, for fifty bucks we had a stress free wedding that was probably just as, if not more, memorable and precious to us as a