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Wife Told to Avoid Gluten

Hi friends,

To cut a long story short, wife has not been feeling the best, and eventually through a bit of luck was referred to a top Dr in town who has diagnosed her with hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto.

She has been given some meds, and was told to avoid gluten at all costs as if she was a celiac that would end up in hospital if she did have gluten.

I’m going to be a supportive partner and became “gluten free” myself when with my wife. We don’t usually eat much bread anyway, although did enjoy the occasional pizza once every few weeks.

Anyway, I suppose the purpose of this post is to see if anyone has had a similar experience? I suppose my main carb source will now be potatoes and rice. Has anyone heard of such a thing where gluten was responsible for hypothyroidism? Anything else that I could do to help?


Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease. Gluten can cause an immune system response, so can dairy.

You mentioned HYPERthyroidism and HYPOthyroidism. Is she having problems with both?


@whang : Thanks Doc.

No stomach issues that I know off, but she is a tough cookie and sometimes does not tell me things. The Dr has given her some stuff to take to repair her stomach, as he suspects it has been injured by the disease.

She has decided to take the Dr’s advice for the next 6 weeks until the next blood test. According to him, some people show incredible improvements just by avoiding gluten.


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Sorry, that was a typo.

Hypo it is.

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Rice pasta is excellent. Buckwheat should be gluten-free, no?