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Wife Threatened... Again


Asked the wife if it came down to it if she thought she could use lethal force to protect herself . The way she said yes sent a cold chill down my spine . It had a cold and dark vibe never seen that side of her
… Jesus


It sounds like she’s been thinking about this situation just as much as you have. I’m not sure what the permit requirements are in Indiana but I highly recommend taking an NRA course taught by either a lawyer or an LEO. I did an all-day one a few years ago and it was great to get a better understanding of use of force laws in Maine. It’s fairly straightforward stuff but good to understand. Everything varies by jurisdiction, but there’s sometimes some important concepts to understand before you strap up.

You may have different laws that apply for use of force in a dwelling vs a premise. You may have different laws that apply for use of defense of property vs defense of person. Duty to retreat may vary based on where you are.

Nothing the average person can’t understand, just stuff you should know!


Looks like I will have to go out of town for a stun gun… did get some pepper spray for her


Have to relax the seriousness of this thread a little…


Not happy with my wife , noticed she not carrying the mace I got her .


Is she trained to use it? If not, she is doing the right thing. She’s just as likely to get herself maced without training.


Buy her the other kind of mace, then she’ll see the convenience and practicality of the first kind you bought her.


I lol’ed


THE SPRAY not the weapon


I mean if you buy her a legit medieval mace it’ll make the spray look sensible. Worst case scenario is she starts carrying around the medieval mace and looks too crazy to ever be fucked with.

Really though, sorry to even joke about this, hope it passes soon for you guys.


Personally, I’d go with a flail over a mace. Especially if I could wield one of those bowling ball sized bad boys.



this do it for you?


Oooh wheeee! The damage I could do with that! It would be glorious! :innocent::joy:


I dunno how well your wife would react to being compared to the Witch-King of Angmar with that weapon choice.


Crazy stuff gents. The solutions being offered are a bit strange. Firstly carrying a knife is useless. Pull a knife on the wrong fella and you’re getting it taken off you and stuck up your arse. My solution is better, ask her to change jobs. Going to work risking your life without the requisite pay is lunacy.

As far as fellas go who shout their mouth off to women they are mostly mouthy pieces of shit. A fella threatened my wife once so I went round to his house. His wife opened the door saying “he’s been waiting for you” and then he comes out with his little daughter in front of him. I asked him to tell the girl to go inside and he refused until I promised I wasn’t going to touch him. Needless to say he never opened his mouth again.

Mate, I’d ask your wife to change jobs so that you can live easier. It would also be better for her, sacking people takes its toll eventually. I know. There’s no good can come from the current situation or the solutions being offered.

I hope it works out for you dude.

Good luck.



“Asked the wife if it came down to it if she thought she could use lethal force to protect herself . The way she said yes sent a cold chill down my spine . It had a cold and dark vibe never seen that side of her… Jesus”

If you’re satisfied she’s got the right mindset to seriously damage an attacker, then I endorse that .22 flappinit recommended. He’s an experienced cop.

I think it’s borderline unbelievable you’re experiencing this. The guy know you’re her husband?


There is no solution to assholes threatening you. Only preparation you can take in case the day ever comes. It is not a bell you can un-ring.

But yes, leaving the job is an option. My list of assholes threatening me has not grown any longer since I stopped throwing them out of bars for a side hustle. But the assholes can’t unsend the messages they sent to me or unsay the threats they issued.


I hear you tjs, you can’t unsay what’s been said, we can’t control that. All we can control is our reaction to these things. You are probably like me in that we are big guys with a capacity for aggression and doing some damage. Our reaction to being threatened would most likely to meet aggression with aggression, immediately. Shock and awe.

However if it’s my wife being threatened by excons because of her job then I’m asking her to change jobs. The potential consequences are dire if she doesn’t. Best case she lives in fear, because we can’t be there all the time, worst case her husband and or sons get banged up for doing a mouthy prick in or get wounded trying to protect her. I just wouldn’t want to live that way day in day out. The stress of it would end up with me doing something stupid. No job is worth that shit without the money to go with it.


My hope is they bring someone else to do the whole HR thing. Its a small company of 70 people and the job fell onto her lap a few years ago. She already has another job tittle there besides HR manager. So her still doing it is pretty much infuriating considering all the crap involved.


Does she have many pictures of you and your sons around the office? If she adds more maybe people seeing the reinforcement/retribution squad would have an effect on them.