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Wife Threatened... Again

Ok this is more of a venting post! Wife came home last night very upset… she had received a threatening text message ( thanks dumb shit the police will enjoy it) from a former scum bag employee she had fired. This is twice she has been threaten since she has taken Human resource responsibility at her place of work. Pushing for her to fill out the necessary documents for a carry and conceal permit. Doesn’t help my mood knowing also the company is part of a program to give former convicts a second chance.

If we add you and your sons together, aren’t there like a thousand pounds of angry man that this guy would have to deal with? Tell him to come to the house and you’ll fix it there.


That can be very frustrating. My wife has been part of a few conflicts/threats at work and it very much pains me to hear about them. Grates at my nerves that it has to go through official channels to be solved.


Im not going to lie that thought actually crossed my mind… wife wont give me the name of the bastard.

Tell me about it… she talked with the police today. Whats fucked up they know the guy due too all the trouble he gets into . They informed her she probably shouldn’t worry since I guess hes a shit talker and not known to be actually physically violent. BUT that not the point in my book. On a good note they have decided to do something to improve security at her place of work. But im still pushing for her to carry.

Everyone who talks shit about being violent is non-violent until the day they decide to be violent.

Here are two questions you can pose to her.

What are the drawbacks to carrying a concealed handgun with a discrete, comfortable and secure carry rig?

What are the drawbacks to spending a little bit of time training to fight for your life?

Have her list them off.


agree 100%…when someone says this " you will get yours Bitch" I tend to take notice and it becomes a concern.

On a good note the owner is taking her to the local gun range this Saturday


This is probably the #1 reason I decided to get out of dive bar bouncing. It really was a fun job but I was starting to accumulate those types of threats from local chumps. Chumps don’t like looking like chumps when they act like chumps and fight like chumps and get rag-dolled out of the bar like a chump.

The problem is that chumps have guns and often times very little to lose with very few positive things going on in their lives. There’s a lot of sad people out there who can snap for little to no reason, especially if someone makes them look or feel weak.

Like getting fired, for instance.

Hope the range trip goes well! Maybe she’ll get bitten by the bug. Every gal I’ve taken shooting has.


The reality is setting in for me that this will happen again… and the next asshole could be a 100% nut job.

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I once watched a guy who spent 9 years in prison swing on a guy for the most trivial of reasons. He’s lucky I knew him from the gym, worked with his uncle and was unable to recall his name when the police showed up and I gave my statement. He took off on his bike about 1 min before they showed up.

He could have been charged with assault, violating his probation and put back in the can, just like that.

All over nothing. Poor impulse control is not exactly uncommon with criminals.


Make sure she is vigilant when leaving work, coming home, going to her car after the store. Check behind cars and stuff.


Yeah shes been walked out by several of the guys from work to her car… and she comes straight home and informing me when she does so. Luckily her trip is a short one.

Until shes strapped, get her some pepper spray and a knife.

Have that shit on hand when moving from one location to the next. Better than nothing.

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Already looking into that… also wanting to get her a stun gun , she use to carry one many years ago. It should not be hard for to get a carry and conceal permit since she use to work for a Airline and had a security clearance.

Just a counterpoint (not that I don’t fully agree with you or your actions 100%):

Do you believe she has the conviction to kill or will she hesitate?

It’s something that I struggled with in getting my wife a firearm for a while. I was just as afraid that she would hesitate and the firearm would be taken from her at times so I put one in the vehicle, but didn’t push for concealed carry. Once we had young children, it became a different story because I knew her “mama bear” instinct would override any hesitation.

Just my two cents.


I think laws about stun guns are pretty lax even in areas with strict gun laws. Taser models start at 300 or so on Amazon.

I’ve always wondered the best way for a woman to conceal carry, and when I hear about robbers just grabbing purses, I don’t think that’s the best place to carry.

Same way it is for men to carry. On-body.


Excellent idea. Even the sight/sound is a great deterrent.

@pookie79 Good point. No just with the conviction to kill .But violence of action.

When I was training for my job, we visited a coroners office, and I remember the coroner telling me how most stab wounds were very shallow, because the attacker underestimated how thick muscle fiber was.

Basically, they went into the attack half assed.

Having a discussion about going 100% IF you are attacked is vital.

My wife was walking our daughter and was going to carry a large flashlight, in case of dog (pit bull) attack. I let my wife know, that if she DOES need to defend herself, it needs to be full force. I showed her some videos of pit bulls attacking people, and explained to her, that it will be relentless. There will be no mercy. That’s how it will be with an attacker as well. You need to defend yourself every time as if your life depends on it, because it might.

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Nothing hotter than seeing a girl dressed super cute then lift up her blouse to reveal a piece.

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Women with guns is right up there for me, but I like a bad bitch who knows how to choke a motherfucker out too.

Delicate flower on the outside, bulldog on the inside. Most of the women I’ve trained with have a much better mindset than most men, whether it’s firearms or fighting. They seem to get past the ego much quicker and get on with improvement of the task at hand.