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Wife Swap UK


Here is a post from another forum, and yes i have permission to re-post it here.

I am looking for contributors to take part in the award winning documentary series Wife Swap, in the UK. The programme involves the mothers from two different families swapping places to experience life in another household. The documentary is primarily about people learning from the way others lead their lives. It's an opportunity for families to open their doors and share their culture, way of life and family values. The whole family need to be keen to get involved!

After eight series of Wife Swap, we are keen to explore different issues and types of families and in doing so are widening our search for potential contributors. We are looking for families who can show what it�??s like when one or more member is involved in a physically demanding sport such as power lifting, weight-lifting or bodybuilding. We want to see if the whole family embraces a healthy lifestyle as part of one member�??s routine, how important preparation and training is for events, and how sporty couples raise children within their chosen passion. Due to the nature of the format children in the home would need to be over the age of 2.

If this sounds like you or anyone you know please contact Melissa for more info on 0207 013 4514 or melissa.waterson@rdfmedia.com .


HAHHAHA mate come on, this is T-Nation, not E! entertainment or the BBC.


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I thought this was going to be about swinging.


LOL same here! I thought it was going to be a nation wide swinging program in the UK.

Well, to the OP, count me out since I don't live there...