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Wife Needs Advice. Bloodwork Related

Hello T Nation. I am looking for a list of must haves on a hormone blood panel for my wife when she goes to the doctor.

My wife is 38 and for the past couple years now she has been dealing with some medical issues. Things she is dealing with are, increased blood pressure, anxiety, dizziness/virtigo, severe headaches especially during her monthly cycle, lower sex drive, vaginal dryness, slight weight gain and tired all the time. My thoughts from the beginning were it’s hormone related. So far her PCP is just wanting her to take pills for everything. Take this for high blood pressure and this for anxiety and so on. She has been reluctant to ask her PCP to order a hormone panel until now. I’m not sure why she hasn’t asked before since they have been doing a bunch of other blood work. I know she recently had her yearly OGBYN appointment and discussed some of the stuff she is dealing with. The doctor mentioned perimenopause and maybe that’s why she is on board with getting some more blood work now. I know she doesn’t want to admit it but we all age and we have to take care of ourselves.

I myself am 40 and a few years ago was feeling the effects of years gone bye. I felt a change in my body, energy and mood. I did a bunch of reading and research and have been on TRT for a couple years now. I am so glad that I did it too, I feel great.

My wife is 5’4" and 130lbs and gets 2 to 3 workouts in a week. They usually consist of some cardio and light weight movements or just body weight stuff. I also workout, I lift 4 days a week. We have a really nice set up at home. With having busy schedules and 2 kids with extracurricular activities it makes it a little easier to stay on track.

I love my wife and want her to feel as good as possible. That’s why I’m here asking for your help. She just wants to have a list of everything to tell the doctor that she wants tested. I was thinking some of you may have been down this road already with you significant other. She knows I’m posting this on here and we look forward to hearing from.

Hormones aren’t the cause for every issue. Some think fixing hormones will cure everything. Many are disappointed with the HRT results. I am not saying some don’t get improvement with things like anxiety, but for many it is a slight improvement only.

As far as hormones go, I am a guy, but based on what you wrote, I think a full Thyroid panel (make sure to get the free levels of T3, and T4, sometimes those aren’t measured). Get the sex hormones, estrogen (not sure if E2 is all for women?), TT, FT, Progesterone (not sure what else is needed for women vs men). You could also look at IGF-1. Not sure what else I would check.

You could go to one of the discount lab test websites, and see what they have included for perimenopause women (they likely have a lab test for that), and ask for the things included.

Probably not the most helpful, but it’s a start.

Edit: from one of the big private discount lab sites. Here is what is in the “elite women’s lab panel”.

I would add prolactin to the list above. Doctors tried to treat my wife’s low hormone levels with hrt for nearly a year until they finally tested prolactin and found it was off the chart.

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Women’s hormones are more difficult to test for than men’s. They change during the cycle and estrogen spikes at a different phase than progesterone. You can order a DUTCH test on your own, see link below. Its harder to interpretate than mens labs. They have providers you can schedule a follow up through though for prescriptions and consultation.

DUTCH Cycle Mapping™ – DUTCH Test

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There was an article i think by @Dani_Shugart mentioning to get iron levels checked as well. Sorry I don’t have much more info to give than what others have said.

My wife is almost 20 years older than yours but was experiencing all the familiar issues you mention.

She had non-detect on several hormones and was prescribed sub dermal pellets which has changed our/her life for the better. Our sex life is better than ever, she feels good, sleeps good, and is just generally happy.

If you don’t get the answers you need, do not hesitate to look at an HRT clinic that focuses on achieving optimal hormone levels including thyroid, estrogen, test, and progesterone.


All good info. My wife was prescribed trt by her obgyn just due to her symptoms. They have never taken blood (i know shame on us). It’s been about 6 months and they are finally drawing blood at her next appt. @studhammer does your wife take anything along with the test? Progesterone or dhea? I don’t know much about it but my wife is not having positive results from the test alone. They just bumped her up from 40mg a month (1 injection) to 56mg a month (1 injection) I know that is not ideal but my wife trusts the dr and won’t listen to me lol. Im following to hopefully get a complete panel that will help us figure out what’s up. ( no libido, painful sex, difficulty sleeping, difficulty sleeping etc)

Her pellets have test and estrogen and she takes oral progesterone. One injection per month is a ridiculous protocol. The half life of test is 7 days. By the end of the month she is depleted. She needs a full blood workup.


Thank you for the response @studhammer . I think I read that exogenous test can lower a womens estrogen levels and have heard of other clinics/drs giving estrogen along with test but not my wife’s. Although they have no idea what is low since they’ve never checked. Keep us posted @booxr… My wife actually just made an appt at an hrt clinic and is getting blood drawn Saturday.

Good move.

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