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Question for the masses: I’ve been juicin’ for a while without any real issues, but now my younger wife, who’s been putting up with my gear for a while, wants to do some mild stuff herself for a fitness competition next year-she’s pretty well educated, and was asking me to get her some primo/anavar-I’m aware of dosing for females, what they can/can’t take, and all the chemistry behind it, I’m just having a problem with the idea of my wife hittin’ gear-has anyone else been in this situation, and what have you done-I know she can handle it, but I’m basically just scared shitless-

My wife has used Anavar before and absolutely loves it. She gets by great on just 10mgs a day.

I don’t think there’s anything to really worry about, as the gear that women use is pretty mild. Stuff like Primobolan or Anavar are the safest ones to use. The dosages that women use, is nothing like their male counterparts use.

I would say go with Anavar, like the poster above stated on his post. I would start with a low dosage maybe even going 2.5mg ED and go up to 5mgin dosage and for duration 4 weeks.

The one thing that she should do(actually everyone should do)is get a physical and blood work done before her cycle. This will ensure that she is healthy before using anything.

Good luck, hope that everything works out for both of you!!