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Wife & MAG-10!!


My six bottles of MAG-10 survived Katrina, Rita, and two feet of standing water in our Metairie (burb of N.O.) home, but they didn't make it past my WIFES cleaning out the freezer in our new home.

When I confronted her with this she told me I told her I would throw it out so she did it for me. Their is no f#*king way I told her that. "Yea honey the stuff that made as horney as a teenager and helped me put on that 12lbs. of muscle you liked, go ahead just toss it they don't make it any more anyway".I had to rant to you guys cuz she and everone else doesn't understand how good this stuff was.


Women, can't live with them.
Can't have heterosexual sex without them.

People on the outside of the iron cult just don't "get" a lot of our stuff.

She probably just didn't know how important it was to you, don't let some pills make you say things to her you'd regret though, bud.

At the end of the day, they were just pills.

Hurry up and buy yourself some superdrol if you've got a stiffy for pro-hormones, I think some places are still selling it.


So did you go to the city dumpster (or wherever your garbage gets hauled to) and dig through the pile for your bottles?


Luckly enough I called her at work to ask her. Believe me ALOT of silence on the phone after she told me. I'm not going to mess this marriage up for just ,dare I say it, supplements. I was hot for a while much better now. Just, dammit, that was an rare and expensive trash day.


Funny enough I was working for WasteManagement until one month ago, at the dump alot.HAHA. She tossed then New Years Day.


I thought Alpha Male and MAG-10 were similar items...

Am I mistaken?


Hmm, while you don't want to be a total ass about it... you do need to be able to trust her to not sabotage you or do things to you behind your back.

Maybe you could have a nice chat about trust and successful relationships -- you know, the type of shit women are always yammering at guys about.

Heh, of course, you'd better examine your own track record first...


There were TWO versions of MAG-10 (because they liked the name and wanted to re-use it!). MAG-10 Avenger was essentially Alpha Male for the mass market. MAG-10 the Destroyer was a pro-hormone combo--very powerful and very popular--that became unavailable after the 1/20/05 pro-hormone ban went into effect.

Phileaux, I feel your pain.


Wow... I just did a search on ebay, and theres a bottle going for 120 bucks. Is it really 70 bucks better than Alpha Male?

BTW, this is out of curiosity... I dont plan on taking either.


Yes. If you're talking about the original MAG-10 no longer on the market, there's no comparison. It's not even in the same ballpark as Alpha Male.


If anyone is interested there's also a seller on ebay from the UK selling for $44 (currently) with $17 shipping to the U.S.


It's a pro-hormone.

Pro-hormones were basically legal steroids that used some legal loophole to be able to put them on the market for like half a second.

It was something to the effect that they weren't steroids in the bottle but their molecules became such when activated by the body.

FDA got pissed, banned them.


Out of curiosity, what is the policy on this? Is someone risking trouble by ordering something produced long ago that's now selling on Ebay and is banned under today's laws? I would think yes.


To whoever is selling MAG-10 Destroyer on eBay, I have to ask: is it really worth the risk of a visit from the DEA (or whoever) for the $150 sale?

I'm actually surprised eBay hasn't done anything about the listing...oops, I shouldn't have said that...


I don't think it's anyone on this site. Well, it may be-but just as likly to be some random person.


Yet..... LOL

I'd guess that buying anything that is banned in the USA from overseas, likely wouldn't arrive in your mailbox.

\|/ 3Toes


It's not illegal to advertise. It's the actual sale that will be illegal.


My wife threw away my Panda BMX bike that I won many BMX races with when we moved in College. She said I never rode it. I've never really forgiven that act.

MAG-10??? who would throw that away? She knew what she was doing!


If they're even aware of it. It is the owner who ships it privately. Who knows who screens these ebay orders? I personally don't think I'd take the risk, however.


I wonder if some average joe dude who scans stuff that comes into the country is going to have any idea what MAG-10 is? That's my 2 cents.