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Wife Kicked in Head During Prayer (Vid)


This was a bit harsh.



Holy Shit! He shouldn't have to say it twice......


they are a loving and peaceful people, and this video was clearly altered to make them look like horrible monsters..

A republican ploy


I think this is fitting.


Yeah cause never has there been a christian who has hit a woman.


Lol cut it out. Not every Muslim is like that. God knows where this was.

Saudi Arabia? Iran?


71st and Elmhusrt. Brooklyn, NY


sharia law allows muslim men to beat their wifes


For interrupting prayer?

Regardless of his mythological orientation, what a fucking scumbag piece of shit.


REAL christians do not hurt women, whereas REAL muslims do.



First of all , the guy wasn't praying , if you've ever seen muslims pray you'd know that's not how its done
Second the guy wasn't even talking in arabic (and i don't know what language that was , could be turkish iranian or even pakistanian) so stop hating on muslims and posting shit like that here without being sure , and if you are gonna use a lame ass excuse like "how was i supposed to know" , id say you'd know from the lame ass site you got that shit from , its not a reliable source someone would get news from


^ why so serious?


Fuck you.

This isn't about where the fuck this guy came from, what he's doing, what language he's speaking and sure as hell ain't about what site it's from.

It's about a scumbag, who just happens to be muslim, kicking and stomping a woman senseless just because she said something.

Stop trying to defend the dude in the video.



when i clicked the video all i heard was



When I read this thread it reminded me of a book I just finished by Brigitte Gabriel titled "They Must Be Stopped - Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do it" She does a great job of disecting the Islamic religion and illustrating how Islam, at it's absolute purest, promotes murder, oppression, slavery, and the treating of women and minorities as even less than second class citizens.

citation after citation taken straight from the Koran or the lips of islamic imams lecturing true believers on the filth and stupidity of women and laying out the justifications for beatings/killings of those who dare to step out of line.
This was one of the most eye-opening books i've read...maybe ever....so much so that if anyone wants to pm me I'd love to talk with you about it, maybe even send you my copy to read and pass on to someone else who you think would appreciate it. If money wasn't an issue i'd by 100 copies and hand them out to everyone I know.


AND....notice the title of video sokrat! Kerley isn't who "claimed" the guy was praying...speaking of getting your shit straight!


where in any of my posts do i hate on Muslims?


By insinuating that muslim man was curb stomping his wife ... I can't believe you couldn't tell that it was all CGI


You need to get your ignorant head out of your ass, before you make biased and untasteful comments like that. 1st of all, he was not even Arab(<--- statement directed at the other ignoramouses who said he was); i speak arabic fluently to know.
2nd, he was not praying, he was singing and that video looked totally set up like it was supposed to happpen. How do you think it got sent in, it was from THEIR camera? Its obviously fake. 3rd, There are pieces of shit all around the world who hit and beat women, but in islam you are supposed to discipline your wife, not beat her till shes screaming, bleeding, and balled up in the fetal position on the kitchen floor.

Im other words, that discipline doesnt even have to be in the physical form, it can be completely verbal. And you say "REAL christians dont hurt women" <--- how idiotic and naive can you be? If you had the proper statistics you can see that almost every single case of domestic violence in the USA, non-muslim-related. The media blows any, and everything out of proportion when it comes to muslims and arabs. But when Jim Peterson is on the 7 o' clock news, for murdering his whole family, its a normal day. So, stfu next time you have a smart, unintelligent remark to make you dim-witted embicile.


lets go heads up in this debate, and i will destroy you on every ignorant reference you will make.