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Wife is Warehouse Supervisor. Recovery Help


My wife, who is 5'2" and now only 125 lb. is the warehouse supervisor at the store she works at. She has always been fit and is a former gymnast, 30 years ago. lol anyway. since she is unloading 5-8 semis per night and constantly lifting there is no time for recovery... Any advice for helping her adjust to it? she has been doing this for 2 months and is still sore.

I have been doing the active release technique that I learned from a doctor years ago, on her muscles, which helps, but frequently leads to tears. but it does feel better after the muscle releases.

I was wondering if there were any other ideas?



foam rolling and tennis balls on sore areas.

fish oils, vitamins and good nutrition as well as proper sleep.

light cardio (walking) to get the blood circulating.



I have been telling her to take fish oil, hearing someone else say it convinced her. Thanks.

We also did a test last night with me working the knots out on one leg with her fighting the urge to kick me. lol In the morning, the one i worked on did feel much better than the one I didn't touch so I guess it works. Basically you run your fingers over the muscle with pressure and every time you feel a knot you press it hard for 17 seconds. It hurts! but the muscles seem to relax then.

Thanks again for the input.


800mg ibuprofen and a quick cold shower will do a lot to get swelling down. A good stretching routine before and after work should help as well.

What parts of her body are getting sore?


elbows are the only issue that isn't soft tissue. other than that, quads, hams, glutes, biceps and forarms, lower back. pretty much most muscle groups.

funny thing at work tonight they told her to quit working so hard and "just supervise" lol I'm guessing she makes the others look bad by actually working with her crew and still getting all the reports done.


Well then why doesn't she make herself and the others happy by just supervising?


This. And maybe more protein-laden food in larger quantities than usual if she can't.


She could also incorporate foam rolling and dynamic flexibility/activation exercises BEFORE she goes to work