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Wife Coming off Pregnancy

My wife wants to start working out and get back in shape. She’s going to have the baby in the next week for sure. My question is basically when would it be good to start a diet and weight training program. I’d figure about 2 weeks and put her on just a regular healthy diet until she is close to her original weight and then begin to cut calories and add supplements which could be 8 weeks or so after delivery. Weight training maybe 4 weeks after? What about cardio? My suggestion is that she should do something low-impact, like swimming, since she hasn’t done ANY cardio work for basically 9 months. If anyone can help my wife and I would appreciate it. Thanks.

If she’s going to breastfeed, don’t do supplements that are not “food” supplements only supps like Grow, Advanced Protein etc. After six weeks the doc said I could start exercise - I started at four (I’m a stubborn thang). I think she can do any cardio that “feels” ok after that six week point. I mean, she’ll snap back in no time, she won’t feel so weak when she gets that baby out of her tummy. I’d start her weight training slow too after the six weeks, and move up as it seems right to do so. After a few months, no excuses, teach her to push herself the way you push yourself. Of course, that may have to wait until the baby is sleeping through the night, but physically I think she’d be ready. This is all my opinion based on my own getting back into shape after my last daughter was born (she’s two now). So make sure you doc agrees with everything I said.