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Wife Beater Sunday



Anybody with a web cam is just posting shit on the internet? Why?


this guy seems like a dick.


I thought the video was really funny.

I kept expecting that dog, Triumph, from Conan O'Brien to show up, though.


I watched it and waited about a half an hour to try and form a clear opinion, but I'n still hanging in limbo between laughing my ass off, wanting to stomp the dudes guts out, and feeling very sorry for the bastard.
It's kind of strange. This has never happened.


Eye of the Tiger... rofl.... That is just sad... or genius parody.


Wow, what the fuck?! I'm in awe and not in a good way. I want to believe that was some sort of satire.


That sucked. Why not post something worth watching?


Sir, I would ask the same question of the CBC.




Nice single bed!

When you'll move out of your mom's house you can buy a real one!


I laughed. I cried. I was inspired.


Piece of shit.


Haha, the wifebeater Sunday got him to where he is today. I lost it at that part. Can't tell if it's serious or not, but it sure as hell is entertaining.


that was deadpan genius : even better than gunther's "christmas ding dong" video.


but the king of T-Nation vids is still mike tyson and bobby brown singing "monster mash" ! and tyson's dressed as dracula ...frickn awesome.



That was fucking funny. Ridiculous doesn't even begin to describe it.


Do I need to post clips from the CBC now or something?


btw vroom, check the part when he says "my head's not made outta meat. so you know, i don't quite appreciate that phrase.." kinda reminds me of someone...let's see now who could it be...?


Yeah, I was thinking he was sounding pretty much like a meathead, especially during that part.

Duh, why am I called a meathead, my head is not made of meat, I don't get it.

The self-love while he brags about his body is equally revolting.

I'm a great specimen, look at me. What? No, I'm not shallow...

I can only hope it is a parody and not some idiot posting up a crappy video because he's so cool.


I'm sure it was a joke.....(I hope)

On that note, he needs a course in editing and sound mixing.