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Wierd Picture From Juoko Ahola


What a wierd picture of Juoka Ahola's grandpa...



What? So the man liked his horse...a little too much. Don't judge him.


When my horse does that, I immediately correct him.


Anyone who has spent time around animals would know how difficult this would be. It's actually not weird but very impressive.


I still think it's wierd. Yet suprisingly impressive...I'm intrigued.


im proud of the guy he trained his horse to hug him.


It's easy, just put peanut butter in your hair.


I've spent a hell of alot of time around animals, and I can tell you the last time I saw a heifer in heat, considerably smaller then this horse, try to mount a 4H kid I was scared for the little guy's health. I appreciate the strength required to hold the front half of a horse up, however:

  1. It looks suspiciously like the horse is trying to make a man out of that Finnish gentleman.

  2. It's still wierd.

Those are the only humble observations I wished to make.


I just remembered something looking at this picture..

My Grandpa, who also fought in Winter and Continuation war during WW2 told me once that even though somedays they were litearly starving for days without any food at the frontline, the horse's that died or had to be killed because of an injury, never ended up as a food.

They just had too much respect for them and felt that they were more like fellow soldiers to them.


then there are people like me who would rather be eaten after his death by his starving companions.

that's usefulness even after the end.